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Saturday, March 2, 2013

China Glaze Glitz Bitz 'N Pieces Collection

China Glaze has recently put out a collection of six glitter topper polishes in a collection called Glitz Bitz 'N Pieces. They all contain small black glitters, black hexes, black string glitter, and a solid metallic colored small glitter and hexes in varying sizes in a clear base. Very fun and totally in the groove of polish trends these days.

Glitz 'N Pieces is a silver and black mix of glitters. I used three coats over white creme Cult Nails Tempest for this swatch.

Mosaic Madness has bright blue glitter along with the black bits. I love this vibrant sapphire! This is one coat over pale blue creme Zoya Blu.

This is Graffiti Glitter, a green and black combo. I used two coats over pale green creme Zoya Neely.

Scattered & Tattered has beautiful pink red glitter in with the black glitter. This is two coats over pink shimmer Zoya GeiGei.

Razzle Me, Dazzle Me has colored glitter that is supposed to be pink, but to me it looks almost a light brown shade. They can look more pink or tan depending on the light. This is two coats over magnolia creme Zoya Jacqueline.

And last is Bling It On, an indigo purple and black mix. I used one coat over lavender shimmer Zoya Julie.

These were all very dense and rather dry but, I honestly LOVED the formula! It allowed me to place the glitter a little better than clear base formulas that are too liquidy, where the glitters just slide around. I did use topcoat on all these swatches, they do need it for smoothness and shine. The entire bunch are winners for me, but my favorite is probably the red/pink combo I swatched here with Scattered & Tattered.

You can find these at Sally Beauty Supply and at various online retailers. What do you think of this collection? Are you planning on picking any of them up for your own collection?

Products provided for review.
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