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Monday, June 10, 2013

BB Couture Finishers Collection Swatches & Review

BB Couture has a new collection out called the Finishers. They are top coat type polishes designed to give a little bit of color/shimmer to bare nails or change the look of a polish if layered over the top of them. They are in BB's square bottles, their For Men polish line, but of course can be used and enjoyed by all.

First is Antique Grey Finish, a taupey brown grey jelly with some gold shimmer. This is three coats. I love this even on it's own. It's beautiful and the name totally fits it. It really glows!

This is Beige Glaze, a super whisper fine light shimmer with a slight hint of beige color. This one is definitely more of a layering polish but if you wanted a super simple look it would fit the bill. I love how this polish transforms other colors when layered, it's really a fun one to play with. Two coats here.

Green Gloss Coating is a yummy greyed avocado green translucent shade with threads of beautiful gold shimmer. This is another one that looks right at home on my nails by itself, but also works fabulously as a top coat "finisher" to add a hint of green to any polish. Three coats.

Metalized Sealant is a sensational silvery angel dust shimmery top coat. You can use one coat to give a hint of heavenly glimmer or build up the coats for a beautiful blingy look. This is three coats.

Perhaps my favorite of the bunch is Radiation Blue Glare, a sky blue pale jelly with bits of flake-type silvery white glitter. I love the blue wash this gives my nails on its own, and over other colors it ads that extra dimension that can totally metamorphose a color. Three coats.

And last of the collection is Suntan Shimmer. This color is a pale sandy coral bronzey frosty shade that is totally a stand-alone color in addition to being a fun "finisher". It's a color I wouldn't have picked off a shelf in a store, but I really like how it looks on me. Three coats.

Here are the colors over a black creme base color, two coats each, from left to right: Radiation Blue Glare, Antique Grey Finish, Metalized Sealant, and Beige Glaze.

And again, in the opposite order, of course.

And here is the other two polishes over the same black creme, three coats each, left to right: Suntan Shimmer, Green Gloss Coating.

And again, Green Gloss Coating and Suntan Shimmer.

What do you think of these subtle colors? I love them over black and can't wait to try them more shades to see what fun and exciting combinations I can come up with. You can get these all from BB Couture's website for $10.95 each.

Product samples were provided for consideration.
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