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Sunday, June 23, 2013

GlitterDaze - American Royalty

Hi everyone! I'm back today with a brand new polish from indie brand lacquer GlitterDaze called American Royalty. This sample is in their new design of mini bottle, 4 mL vertical instead of their previous shorter fatter mini bottle. American Royalty is being released just in time for Fourth of July celebrations for all you American polish lovers!

GlitterDaze - American Royalty

American Royalty is a baby blue creamy base with a firework burst of different glitters in red, white, gold and blue. There are round, string, stars and square pieces in there that equal a veritable explosion of excitement! The polish goes on smooth and easy with only a few of the glitters popping out in a contrary place here and there. Two coats make this polish nicely opaque. A layer of topcoat makes it nice and level and glossy.
GlitterDaze - American Royalty

You can buy this and other GlitterDaze nail polishes from their website Their 4mL minis are $4 and their full size 15 mL bottles are $11 each. What do you think of this lovely polish? I know what I'll be wearing on my fingertips at those Fourth of July barbeques this year!

Product samples were provided for consideration.
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