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Monday, June 24, 2013

Rescue Beauty Lounge Bloggers' Collection 2.0 Swatches and Review

It is my great pleasure to announce my participation in Rescue Beauty Lounge's Bloggers' Collection 2.0! YAY!! I honestly was beyond flabbergasted when Ji Baek, RBL owner/founder/creator, asked me to create a color for the RBL brand for her second bloggers' collection back in January 2012. I can remember thinking, "This is it. I've made it." My color vision being turned into a real, live, genuine Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polish?! Could there be anything more exciting?!

I wasn't sure who all the other bloggers collaborating with Ji would be, as she does like to keep an air of mystery about certain things, but I knew I would be in excellent company. It has since been revealed that the other color designers for the Bloggers' 2.0 collection are Scrangie, Rie of NailsandNoms, Pammy of Polish Police, Sam of Fashion Polish, and there is a secret addition from Ji herself. Please enjoy this trailer for the collection that Ji made to represent our collection!

I set out right away to come up with a color worthy of the RBL brand that represented me and what I wanted the world to see from me. I came up with something fantastic and bright and amazing in my head. Ji came up with the exact shade I had imagined right away, but it turned out to be unstable due to the neon pigments separating. She worked incredibly hard to come up with something similar but just as awesome. After more than a few tries, we finally came to a match of what I had longed for. I know this is the color that took the longest to match for the collection and I am so glad Ji didn't give up on me or my polish!

This color is called Kellie Gonzo, and it is me in a bottle. It's a bright juicy pink coral opaque jelly with tons of orange glitter and silvery flecks. It's more orangey indoors and more pinky in the sun. It's lovely at two coats and has a tad more intensity at three coats, as in this swatch. I think it has a perfect formula, easy to apply, smooth, translucent yet with full coverage, and shiny. A photograph cannot accurately portray the yummy juiciness of the polish, but I hope you like what you see enough to take my word for it. It's a great big smile from me to you! I hope you like it even half as much as I do.
Rescue Beauty Lounge - Kellie Gonzo
Rescue Beauty Lounge - Kellie Gonzo

The first person I expected to be in this collaboration with Ji was Scrangie, one of the most talented, popular, and established nail polish bloggers in the world. She is one of my biggest inspirations and having had a hugely successful color in RBL's first Bloggers' collection, I was chomping at the bit waiting to see what she would come up with this round.

Her color is called Scrangie 2.0, a blackened base with an oil slick-like multifaceted shimmer effect. This is an intense shimmer polish with a metallic edge to it in shades of green, gold, bronze, and gunmetal. This had an excellent formula and is opaque in two coats. Breathtaking in the sunlight, just really a stunning creation.
Rescue Beauty Lounge - Scrangie 2.0

Next is a color from one of my most beloved blogging friends, Marie Antoinette aka Rie who authors the blog NailsandNoms, which is also the name of her color. This girl is so creative and funky she embodies the word "cool" to me. Her color is an uber bright sherbet orange with a gorgeous periwinkle blue shimmer tint that also has a little bit of pink and orange glimmer to it. This is excellently loud and outrageous and is perfect to represent Rie. This is two coats.
Rescue Beauty Lounge - NailsandNoms

This color is the brainchild of the awesome Sam who writes the blog Fashion Polish and has named her polish the same. I am also lucky to call Sam a friend and was so happy to hear of her inclusion in this collaboration. Her color is a rich and shiny black base packed to the brim with red and gold glitters. I heard this color was a challenge to create due to the pigment weight but of course Ji prevailed in the end. This is a gorgeously beautiful polish that brings to mind an inky black galaxy brimming with starlight. I used two coats for this swatch. It's a bit thick so take your time during application.
Rescue Beauty Lounge - Fashion Polish

This polish was created by Pammy from the blog Polish Police who hails from the Philippines. She is a super cute girl and I adore her blog, so I was excited to see her contribution to the collection. The color is called Liberty, a minty green sister of RBL color Pizzicato. It has a lovely underlying angelic layer of glass fleck reflective bits and a blue shimmer overlay. A perfect spin on the classic mint green. The formula is also nice, maybe a tad on the thick side. Two coats here.
Rescue Beauty Lounge - Liberty

And to round out the collection, Ji decided to sneak in one of her own creations. This is called An Accidental Interloper, coming from her insertion into the group of bloggers' colors. I doubt anyone minds though, any new color Ji wants to bring to life is alright with me. This color was created to fill the silver "void" in the RBL family. It's a gorgeous gunmetal silver metallic polish with a grey blue undertone. Another wonderful formula, it applies opaquely in two coats.
Rescue Beauty Lounge - An Accidental Interloper

This collection and my color of course, is a huge landmark for my life and my blogging career. I had never expected to be included with such an impressive and talented group of women and I am very thankful. I know that these colors will probably be worn by people all over the world and that just blows my mind. For someone to whom color and nail polish is so important and such a big part of life, this means the world to me. Thank you Ji and Rescue Beauty Lounge for letting me take this ride with you.

This collection will be available for pre-order on June 28th at 12 pm EST for 48 hours on for $20 each.

Product samples were provided for consideration.
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