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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

BB Couture Lady Pirates Collection Swatches & Review

Hi my lovely friends :) Today I have the sister collection to BB Couture The Pirates for you, these are the Lady Pirates! I liked the men's collection very much so I was anxiously anticipating what would be in store for the ladies collection and here they are!

First is Anne Bonny, a red toned purple shimmer with lots of small multicolor glittery bits. The shimmer in this is very iridescent blue, giving this purple a pretty blue flash, which is pretty cool. It reminds me of Lisa Frank haha! It has a pretty thin formula, I used four coats here.
BB Couture - Anne Bonny

Next is Mary Read, a medium strawberry shake pink with sporadic itsy bitsy red glitters.The formula was pretty normal. I love the red glitters in this, but the sparseness of them leaves me wishing for more. This is three coats.
BB Couture - Mary Read

This one is called Rachel Wall, a shimmery goldish beige with teeny green glitter bits. The formula on this wasn't easy to get even, I used three coats and had to be careful with my brush strokes so it wouldn't look streaky. I think this is almost a "mannequin hands" color on me, but with some shimmer which is nice.
BB Couture - Rachel Wall

Back from the Dead Red is a sexy, beautiful medium-deep magenta shimmer with tons of red microglitter. The glitters aren't super apparent in this picture but they are in person. This is sooo gorgeous. I used three coats.
BB Couture - Back From the Dead Red

This beauty is Awilda, a blue toned medium-light purple shimmer with the same multicolored microglitter that Anne Bonny has but without her blue shimmer. This isn't a color I'd usually go for but I ended up liking it a lot. It is one of those glittery shades that looks good indoors or out. This picture doesn't do it justice, it's really lovely. This is three coats.
BB Couture - Awilda

Here is Ching Shih, a bright juicy orange jelly cream. Very nice formula and super shiny! I really love oranges so 'natch I adore this polish. Three coats.
BB Couture - Ching Shih

So I did like most of these polishes, although the men's Pirate collection was more my style. I did use three coats for most of these because they have thinner formulas, but honestly that doesn't bother me. Over the almost five years that I've been a nail blogger, I have heard from a lot of folks that having to do more than two coats is a deal breaker. I don't really understand that. Having to do one or two more coats to make a polish as opaque as I prefer doesn't automatically equal a bad formula to me. Some of my favorite polishes ever take more than two coats! To each their own, I suppose :)

My favorites from this collection are Ching Shih and Mary Read. You can buy these polishes and other BB Couture lacquers from their website for $10.95 each. What do you think of these Lady Pirates?

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