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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Formula X - Danger Zone

Hi friends! Today I wanted to show you a Formula X for Sephora polish from their Electrics group called Danger Zone. It's a crazy cool neon coral with pink sparkles. It has a very slight hint of a blueish-pink flash to it. Two coats were enough for full coverage. It dries to a satiny matte finish so I used top coat to make it shiny.
Formula X - Danger Zone
Formula X - Danger Zone

I think this is a bit more pink in photos, in person it's more orange and looks a tad lighter. Neons are hard to photograph haha! I really love this polish, it's right up my alley! You can get this and other Formula X polishes from Sephora for $10.50-$12.50 each. I love this brand and can't wait to try more! What do you think of this neon stunner?

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