Friday, February 28, 2014

My Picks from the China Glaze Crinkled Chrome Collection

Today I've got three polishes from the China Glaze Crinkled Chrome collection to show you! I saw some swatches on a nail wheel online somewhere last year before they came out and before I even heard about the collection, and I was almost disgusted. Textured, wrinkly, bumpy chromes?! Wtf, right? But then I saw some better swatches from some bloggers and I changed my mind. I still am not sure if I am in love with them, but I definitely don't hate them.

All of these had the same formula/consistency so I'll tell you about them collectively. I had heard that these work best when using only one coat so that's what I did for all of the swatches. Two coats would make them too thick and chunky, therefore it's convenient (and probably planned) that they are so opaque in one. They have nice metallic chrome bases and are filled with the little sand-like bits that are usual for texture polishes and some string glitter that beefs up the coarseness even more. They are thick but easy to paint with. They dried quickly and were nicely reflective once dry.

Aluminate is a chrome silver. I kind of adore this one.
China Glaze - Aluminate

Crush, Crush, Baby is a gorgeous lavender. My favorite of the three.
China Glaze - Crush, Crush, Baby

I'm a Chromantic is a rose pink. I thought I would like this one more but I don't care for it with my skin tone.
China Glaze - I'm a Chromantic

I think most people have a strong reaction to this collection, either love or hate, but my verdict is that they are pretty cute. The other colors in the collection include a sea foam green, a light blue and a light teal. I might want to get the green but I can live without the others.

Tell me what you think about this crazy texture collection! Do you love them or hate them? You can buy China Glaze polishes from Sally Beauty Supply and Ulta as well as from etailers like Transdesign.

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  1. My favorite is definitely Crush, Crush, Baby. But I love purples so I might be biased.
    I'm not leaning either way with the crinkled chrome look. I definitely don't hate it. But would I go out and buy it? I'm not sure! Although if I got it as a gift, I certainly wouldn't complain. :D

  2. Purples usually aren't my favorite so I was surprised I liked Crush, Crush, Baby so much! That's kinda how I felt, if I get them, great, if not, I'll survive ;)

  3. Crush, Crush Baby looks perfect on you! I really like your swatches.

  4. Hey Kellie!

    Your super nubs are adorable. Are these older pics or did you nubbinize your nails recently? I think you should keep them for a while before you grow them long again. They suit you very well!

    Bout those polishes. I really like the shades of all three, but I don't know how I should feel 'bout the texture. Looks interesting, but also a lil messy. I really can't decide. What about the surface? Does it even out with a topcoat or is really as chunky and uneven as it looks like? I can't stand such a rough surface on my nails. I try to rub it away with my fingertips until i finally get my polish remover and get rid of it. :P

  5. Good call! I do like the inclusion of the bar glitter, making it unique.

  6. Thanks dear! They are a little older, I took them on the same weekend I took my RBL A Poem shots. My nails grow pretty fast these days and unless I file like every other day they gain length quickly. I do like them nubby and I like them long! I'm down for whatever :)

    I didn't try top coat on these but I wouldn't imagine they would ever be smooth. It wasn't as bad roughness-wise as some of my other texture polishes.


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