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Monday, June 16, 2014

Sinful Colors - Blue Crushin

Hello there! I have another Sinful Colors polish to show you today! I decided to take a closer look at them based on my previous experience and found another I had to have. This is Blue Crushin, which I always read wrong as "cruisin" haha.
Sinful Colors - Blue Crushin

This deep teal creme has a perfect formula. Smooth, buttery, shiny and totally opaque in one coat. I did two for this swatch though, because of habit mostly. I immediately thought of Rescue Beauty Lounge's Teal when I first saw this but I think it's a bit lighter. I don't have Teal (I borrowed it from a friend when I swatched it) so this is a worthy substitute for me considering the RBL is retired. It's close to OPI's Ski Teal We Drop also, but leans a tad more toward the green side of teal.

You can buy Sinful Colors at most drugstores for around $1.99. What do you think of this color? P.S. I will have swatches of the new Rescue Beauty Lounge collection up this Wednesday, June 18 at Noon edt, be sure to pop in and take a look!

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