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Monday, June 2, 2014

Comparison: KBShimmer vs. RBL

I thought that KBShimmer Low & Be Bold looked quite similar to Rescue Beauty Lounge's IKB:2012 when I reviewed it here, so I wanted to do a comparison. I also added in KBShimmer Right as Reign for kicks. Take a look at how they compare!

Low & Be Bold is a bright cobalt blue "near creme", an almost jellylike finish. It's very smooth and shiny. IKB:2012, which came out in the first Rescue Beauty Fan Collection, is a bit darker and more of a creme. It's also harder to manipulate because it's super pigmented. I find it difficult to make the coats even and the result is not as smooth as I'd like. Right as Reign is much darker and has a more purple tone. It has a similar finish to Low & Be Bold, very smooth and shiny. I used top coat over all three.
Right to left: Right as Reign, Low & Be Bold, IKB:2012

You can purchase KBShimmer lacquers on their website for $7.50-8.75. This particular RBL polish is retired but you can purchase other shades from their website for $18-20. Do you prefer one of these over the others? I'm glad I have each of them, but Low & Be Bold might be my favorite of the three.

Product samples were provided for consideration.
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