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Monday, June 9, 2014

Zoya Magical PixieDust Summer 2014 Swatches & Review

Hi friends! You know how much I loved the Spring Magical PixieDust glitters from Zoya, so I was excited to hear they were releasing more of them! In this Summer Magical PixieDust trio there are three awesome textured glitter polishes filled with chunky holographic glitter bits and plenty of shimmer for us to welcome all that summer sun!

My favorite of the three is Ginni, a light pink. A perfect girly pink. I love how the base of the shade is so pigmented, really ringing that pink through the shade. The glitters in this really bling out with rainbows, but I end up seeing a lot of purple in it and I love it! This is three thin coats.
Zoya - Ginni

Next is my second favorite, Bar. It's a light beige nude shade that is just a bit lighter than my skin tone. I love nudes and glittery nudes are even better in my book. This is three thin coats.
Zoya - Bar

And last to round out the collection is Arlo, which to me sounds like a man's name but whatevs. This shade is a light purple amethyst color. I like the shade alright but I don't feel like it goes very well with my complexion. This is also three thin coats.
Zoya - Arlo

I found the formula on all of these to be good, not hard to use at all. You can purchase these from the Zoya website for $10 each. What do you think of these chunky textured honeys? I'm into them. I'm pretty sure they're into me too ;) See ya!

Product samples were provided for consideration.
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