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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sally Hansen Satin Glam - Crystalline & Silk Onyx

I have two polishes from the Sally Hansen Satin Glam line to show you today. These polishes combine sparkle with a soft satin matte finish, a unique and beautiful combination. The bottles are long and tapered, they remind me a bit of genie bottles or something. It always annoys me a bit that SH puts out so many bottle shapes/different product lines with their polish, but that's just a personal issue haha. I got these in a swap I participated in around Easter time in Facebook group and I really love them.

Crystalline is a gorgeously stunning white pearl shade with shimmer bits that gleam purple, blue and pink. It's a touch on the sheer side, but that makes it usable as a topper which is nice. Without top coat, the natural satin finish is really lovely and understated. With top coat it positively beams! I could almost mistake this stunner for a holo polish, it's that blingy in the sun! I don't know if you can really tell the difference in the photos with the top coat, but there's a noticeable difference in real life. This is three coats.
Sally Hansen Satin Glam - Crystalline | kelliegonzo
without top coat
Sally Hansen Satin Glam - Crystalline with top coat | kelliegonzo
with top coat

Silk Onyx is a charcoal black shade with little shimmer flecks that appear mostly silver to me but some purple and blue bits are in there also. Without top coat it's sexy and mysterious and with top coat it's very flashy and makes me think of a galaxy! This is two coats. The label on my bottle is wonky and off-center and it makes my OCD tendencies explode :/
Sally Hansen Satin Glam - Silk Onyx | kelliegonzo
without top coat
Sally Hansen Satin Glam - Silk Onyx with top coat | kelliegonzo
with top coat

I had a little trouble with the brush on these, it is a medium flat shape but the bristles were a little uneven and mop-like. I am not a big fan of most brushes on Sally Hansen polishes so this wasn't a surprise. However it wasn't really a big deal and wouldn't stop me from buying more of these, but I figured I'd mention it. These cost around $6 and are sold in stores like CVS and Walmart. What do you think of this soft satin finish? Have you tried these or something similar? See you next time :)


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