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Saturday, August 30, 2014

KillerQueenVarnish Swatches & Review

Hi folks! Today I wanted to show you a few polishes from a new-to-me indie brand called KillerQueenVarnish. I followed a gal on instagram that I thought had pretty nails and then she contacted me to see if I wanted to try some of her lacquers out. I am always willing to try new brands so I said yes. She sent me three polishes for review so let's check them out!

First is Lip Service, a medium bright pink jelly crème with small matte black hex glitters. This is a nice and unique polish to my collection. I do have a red with black glitters, but not a pink. This applied very easily and I got good coverage in two coats.
KillerQueenVarnish - Lip Service //

This is Flowers on the Wall, a goldish peachy shimmer with a slight duochrome of green at the edges. This is slightly similar to a polish I showed you the other day, Picture Polish Majesty, but this is more peach than gold. This differs in the finish too, it's edging on frosty. I like this but I don't know if I'm in love with it. Two coats.
KillerQueenVarnish - Flowers on the Wall //

And last is Midnight at the Oasis, a black jelly crème polish with gold shimmer, gold hex glitters, and gold square glitters. A lot of the glitter got stuck on the edge of the bottle, so you might want to swirl a toothpick around to mix them up a bit. The polish went on very opaque and smooth but I didn't get a whole lot of glitter on the brush without dipping and swirling a few times. This is two coats. Dries a bit matte so use a top coat for shine.
KillerQueenVarnish - Midnight at the Oasis //

You can buy KillerQueenVarnish on Etsy for $8.75 per bottle. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and formulas of her polishes and would purchase more in the future. What do you think of these colors? Have you checked out KQV before or is this the first you're hearing of them? Talk to you soon friends :)

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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