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Monday, August 4, 2014

Pretty Serious Stop! Collaborate and Listen Collection Swatches & Review

The collection I have to show you today is from Australian brand Pretty Serious called Stop! Collaborate and Listen!, three polishes they created with three awesome bloggers! I am an avid follower of all three of these ladies in the blog-o-sphere so it's exciting to see what awesome shades they came up with.
Pretty Serious Stop! Collaborate and Listen Collection
image via Pretty Serious Cosmetics

First in the collection is Swatch and Learn, a collaboration with Mary from the blog Swatch and Learn. It is a swampy green jelly with iridescent shifting rainbow glass fleck and copper & gold flakes. It's crazy awesome to see all the flakes shifting, you definitely need to see it in real life! It's a bit thick but not unworkable. This is three coats.
Pretty Serious - Swatch and Learn // kelliegonzo

Next is Undercover Mermaid, a collaboration with Michelle from Lab Muffin. She wanted to create a work appropriate color with a secret bit of flash. This is a lilac taupe jelly with iridescent green flakies and subtle glass fleck shimmer that bounces out at you when you look up close. A tad sheer but it reached opacity for me with two coats.
Pretty Serious - Undercover Mermaid // kelliegonzo

And finally we have Stuck In the Middle, a collaboration with Kristy from The Polish Haven. It is a a bright fuchsia jelly with tons of iridescent glass fleck sparkle. This is really beautiful, a fabulous color with a great formula. Two coats here.
Pretty Serious - Stuck In the Middle // kelliegonzo

I was also able to try out one of Pretty Serious' new treatments, Crystal Coat quick dry top coat. I'm pretty picky when it comes to my top coats so this got a thorough testing. It dried pretty quickly to the touch but I was still able to scrunch up my polish if I pushed on it softly after 10 minutes. Also the brush made drag marks in my polish if I put it on while the polish was still very wet. I liked that it didn't shrink my polish at all, it dried very shiny, and it didn't have an offensive scent. I would use this when I have a little longer to wait for my polish to dry.

You can buy these from Pretty Serious for $9.95 each, or if you buy all three of the blogger colors at the same time you can get a 10% discount. The top coat is $8.95. What do you think of these blogger created shades? I think they're all super fun, and as a blogger who got to see my dream color come true, I totally relate to the awesomeness they must be feeling to see their shade come to life!


Product samples were provided for consideration.
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