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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My Picks from the China Glaze Fall 2014 All Aboard Collection Swatches & Review

Helllooooo! This year China Glaze put out a Fall collection inspired by "vintage railway travel" called All Aboard. It's a collection of 12 colors with rich autumn hues in crèmes, shimmers, and glitters. I purchased three of them that looked the most interesting to me so here they are! :)

First is my favorite, Choo-Choo Choose You, a smokey purple with gold shimmer that also has a green/brown duochrome. Seriously. Stunning. It's sheer on the first coat but builds to be opaque in only two. It's a way weird polish because it also looks kinda blue in the bottle! It looks mostly shimmery dusty purple with gold shimmer in the sun, but in lower lights the duochrome is super apparent. I loved wearing this, I didn't take it off for almost a week!
China Glaze Choo-Choo Choose You

I tried to capture the duochrome with this shade photo, but I couldn't do it justice. My friend Krystal over at Polish Galore has some great shots showing the awesome green tilt to it.
China Glaze Choo-Choo Choose You

Next is Lug Your Designer Baggage, a medium/dark brown with tons of pale goldish flakies. Some flakies reflect rainbow but these don't, they're solid. This polish reminds me of Louis Vuitton luggage, so chic! The formula on this was a bit watery, but quite opaque and easy to apply. It also dries very shiny. I used two coats here.
China Glaze Lug Your Designer Baggage

And last is Mind the Gap, a golden olive brownish shimmer with light green and gold flecks. The shimmer is great in this, it has bits that sparkle out at you like twinkle lights! I love "ugly pretty" colors like this, totally my style. The formula is very watery and pretty sheer on the first coat, but becomes almost opaque in two. I used three here for good measure.
China Glaze Mind the Gap

So those are my picks from the All Aboard collection this year! I liked a lot more of the shades, but figured I had similar colors for most of them. I'm really happy with these three though and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for something unique this Fall. These should be available at Sally Beauty and Ulta now, I purchased mine online. What do you think of these? Did you pick up anything from the All Aboard collection?

Talk to you soon dears :)

❤ Kellie
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