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Thursday, October 30, 2014

KBShimmer Winter 2014 Collection Swatches & Review

Yay more KBShimmer! They have a massive collection for Winter 2014; they're bringing back 5 fan favorite shades, and are adding 11 new ones! They also have four new cuticle oil scents and a new sheet of holiday vinyl nail decals. These all come out on 11/1/14, so you won't have to wait long to be able to pick these up. Long post ahead, fyi!

First I'll show you the 5 returning shades :) Kringle All the Way is a glitter topper in a clear base, with holographic circle glitters of green, red, and silver plus little holo bits. This is a total holiday polish! Reminds me of bulbs on a tree. I put one coat over a white crème. I had to do a little dabbing and placing.
KBShimmer Kringle All the Way

This is Merry Pinkmas from last year's blogger collaboration collection. This shade was made with Cris from Let Them Have Polish. This cotton candy pink crelly base has glitters in red, green, pink, lime and other neons in varying shapes. I have been wanting this since it came out, so I was so happy they brought it back! It was easy to apply in two coats.
KBShimmer Merry Pinkmas

Next is Snow Way! a pale sky blue crelly with white hex glitters and small holo bits. This reminds me of a blustery snowstorm :) This was a little patchy, I used three coats to get it fully opaque.
KBShimmer Snow Way!

Here is All Decked Out, a forest green jelly with a rainbow of hex glitters and some gold star glitters. This is a Christmas tree in a bottle! It was sheerish because of the jelly base, but built up nice and opaque in three coats. It was really easy to get a good amount of glitter on application.
KBShimmer All Decked Out

And last for the returning favorites is Sugar Plum Faerie, a plum violet jelly with fuchsia, lime, and blue glitters. My jaw literally dropped when I put on the first coat of this, it's so gorgeous! This polish has a great formula, so effortless to apply. I got tons of glitter on each coat and it applied so smooth! Dries a little dull so top coat this baby. Three coats.
KBShimmer Sugar Plum Faerie

And now for the new shades for 2014! First is Spot Sign, which is available for purchase now. It's a glitter topper with black leopard spot pieces, black dots and hexes, and zillions of holographic sparkles in a clear base. I used one dabbed/placed coat over KBShimmer Hugs and Wishes from their fall collection. This is really fun and an easy way to do nail art. The glitters are a little thick and stiff for my taste, but a few layers of top coat would probably tame them.
KBShimmer Spot Sign

This is Flake Dance, silver holographic snowflakes in a clear base with lots of other icy holo silver glitters. This is fabulous and suuuper blingy. I put one coat over KBShimmer Low & Be Bold from their early summer collection. I had to place the snowflakes a bit but it was quite easy to get them on my brush.
KBShimmer Flake Dance

Let's Sleigh Together is a light grey crelly with hex and circle glitters in blue, green, white and mint. It was a little thick but easy to apply. I was indifferent to this until I put it on, and now I love it! Understated awesome. This is two coats.
KBShimmer Let's Sleigh Together

And this is Deja Brew, a reddish brown linear holographic. Another polish I was a little reserved about until I put it on. I really like how this looks with my skin tone. It dries a little bit more red than it looks in the bottle. Two easy coats.
KBShimmer Deja Brew

Next is Fallen Angel Angle (oops!), a royal blue jelly with holographic blue triangles, blue and silver hexes and micro glitters. Triangle glitters are my weakness! This was very opaque, I used two coats here.
KBShimmer Fallen Angle

White Here, White Now is a white crème textured polished. The texture comes from lots of matte white hex glitters in varying sizes. I didn't use a base coat for this and waited for the layers to dry completely between coats. I don't know if I love this, it's a little chunky for my taste, but it is a cool effect overall. I had to do some dabbing to get the glitters not to pile up on each other too much. This is two coats.
KBShimmer White Here, White Now

A lovely mauvey lavender crelly, Mauve On Over, is an unexpected pair for orange, navy and aqua hex glitters, and I love it a super crazy amount! It reminds me of those malted milk egg candies you get at easter. Great glitter distribution and quite opaque. Two coats.
KBShimmer Mauve On Over

This is Dressed to Gild, a cousin to Hexy Bikini, it's a blingy yellow holographic gold texture glitter with hints of lavender and lime in a clear base. It's a little thick but it's so gorgeous I don't even care! This is two coats.
KBShimmer Dressed to Gild

Next is Turnip the Beet, a magenta, red and purple holographic texture glitter with a cranberry colored base. This is also chunky but very easy to apply as there are less large glitter pieces. Seriously head over heels in love with this, you need to see it in person! Two coats.
KBShimmer Turnip the Beet

Another texture, Too Cold to Hold is a sapphire blue glitter texture with accents of holographic silver, navy, green and red in a blue base. This is so perfect for the winter season! It has almost the same formula as Turnip the Beet, but a little more blingy and less matte. I used two coats here also.
KBShimmer Too Cold to Hold

And last is Pine-ing for Yule, a holiday inspired glitter topper with green triangles, red stars and small silver and red hexes. For each bottle sold at from 11/01 until 12/15, $4 will be donated to Toys For Tots®. This is one coat with some glitter placement over KBShimmer Pt Young Thing from their early summer collection. Seriously so adorable!
KBShimmer Pine-ing for Yule

Their new cuticle oil scents are Peppermint, Raspberry Vanilla, Chai Tea, and Unscented. I've already professed my love for their Pink Sugar oil and these have the same formula. Peppermint is one of my favorite scents so of course I love that one. The Raspberry Vanilla surprised me, I don't usually love super fruity scents but gave this one a try and it's fab! Not too heavy. Chai Tea is spicy and lovely and perfect for the fall/winter weather. The Unscented version doesn't have any added scents, but you can slightly smell the notes of the oils that she uses for the blend. I like to use this when I'm swatching, because all that polish & remover smell can get overwhelming. I love that this oil absorbs easily and the pen dispenser is SUPER convenient. I have them all over my house, at work, and in my purse so I'll never have an excuse not to moisturize!
KBShimmer cuticle oil pens

The new vinyls look so fun! I opted not to try them this time, but if you get them I'm sure you'll love them! I've already heard great things about them from other bloggers.

This collection will be available for purchase on 11/1/14 on the KBShimmer website. All the polishes will be priced at $8.75. A few promos will be going on for a while too on their site:
  • Free shipping for all orders over $40, no code needed. Runs from 11/01-12/31.
  • Free with a $70+ purchase, Holly Back Girl, a white Christmas crelly polish with red and green glitters. Use code HBGFREE to receive free polish and free shipping with $70+ purchase. Runs from 11/01-12/31.
  • Free samples! While supplies last, they will be sending out a sample in each order. Samples may include scrubs, lotions, vinyl nail decals, soaps, etc. Orders will also include a branded emery board.
  • Free snowman glitter! The first 400 orders will receive a bag of 1000 snowmen glitters perfect for winter nail art. only ships to the US, but Harlow and Co. stocks them and ships internationally. What do you think of this collection? Are any of them must haves for you? If I had to choose, my favorites would be Turnip the Beet, Sugar Plum Faerie, Let's Sleigh Together and Mauve On Over.

Thanks for visiting me today and sticking through this long post!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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