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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

BB Couture Winter 2014 Once Upon A Time Collection Swatches & Review

Good day to you my friend! I am happy to be showing you a new collection from BB Couture today! They have been one of my favorite brands of polish since I started blogging and I always get super excited to see what they come out with. This collection is called Once Upon A Time, it's a follow up to their Fairy Tale collection that came out in Fall 2007. These are great colors for winter, so enjoy!

First is Evil Queen, a deep but glowy aubergine purple shimmer. The little shimmer looks mostly silver and purple, but you can also see some red and blue. This is a great staple color and a must for purple lovers. A little thick but not hard to paint with. This is two coats.
BB Couture - Evil Queen //

Next is Happy Endings, a pinky red jelly with an absolute truckload of red and holographic glitter. This is a shade I wouldn't have picked off the shelf but I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. The glitter is pretty fine so you get a smooth finish, which is nice. Two coats here.
BB Couture Happy Endings

Next is a shade I would definitely know is a BB Couture even if was in a plain bottle because it's totally their style. Enchanted Forest is a smoky blue shimmer with slight green leanings with lots of green glitter bits. There are also purple microshimmers, giving the polish a deep complex effect. This glitter is a little chunkier and it's exaggerated by the shimmer base, but I like this a lot. A little sheer so I used three coats.
BB Couture - Enchanted Forest //

Fairy Godmother is a perfect name for this next polish. It's a greyed out slightly smoky lavender metallic/frost with a trillion or more holographic glitter bits in it, making it super extra blingtastic. It's not really my type of shade, but I know that a lot of polish lovers out there will adore it. Easy to work with formula, two coats.
BB Couture - Fairy Godmother //

Next is Dark Curse, a deep indigo shimmer with purple microshimmer bits. This color really brings "fairy tale" to my mind, not sure why haha. This actually looks more purple in the bottle but on your nails it looks more blue, another type of blurple I guess! Amazing formula, this is a one coater!
BB Couture - Dark Curse //

And last is Glass Slipper, a pale icy blue metallic/frost with holographic glitter. This isn't as glitter heavy as Fairy Godmother, but they have similar formulas. Again, not necessarily my type of polish but it's fun. It makes me think of the movie Frozen :) I used two coats for this.
BB Couture - Glass Slipper //

You can purchase BB Couture nail polishes on their website for $10.95 each. And for a special treat, this collection will be released in the larger 18 mL/0.6 oz bottles! What do you think of this winter collection? Do any of the shades make you think of fairy tales?

Thanks very much for coming by today!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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