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Sunday, December 21, 2014

China Glaze Angel Wings and Glistening Snow Swatches & Review

Happy Sunday Funday everyone! Today I wanted to show off two of my favorite glitter polishes to use for accent nails. Both are from China Glaze's 2012 Holiday Joy collection. Whether you have seen them before or if this is the first you've heard of them, I just had to share! I bought both of these from an online retailer a while ago.

This is Angel Wings, a yellowy gold holographic microglitter. This is a very densely packed glitter polish, you could use it for layering with one thin coat but I prefer to wear it opaque. I used three thin coats for this swatch. This dries gritty so you will need top coat. It's a "thirsty" glitter and absorbs top coat like crazy, so I prefer to layer on a really thick top coat like Gelous or Glitter Food first, then I put on a regular top coat over that to get a very smooth surface. You could leave it gritty, it does look cool that way, but I've noticed that the glitter can kinda flake off leaving little glitter trails everywhere.
China Glaze Angel Wings

Next is perhaps the more popular of the two, Glistening Snow, a stunning silver holographic microglitter. It has the exact same formula as Angel Wings, dries gritty and everything. I think silver goes with a lot more colors than gold, so I tend to use this more often as an accent nail. If you don't know, an accent nail is just one or two nails painted a different color or design than the others. I usually do my thumb and ring fingernails. This is three thin coats.
China Glaze Glistening Snow

What do you think of these awesome dense glitters? Did you pick them up when they first came out? They are still available on a lot of online retailers if you want to get them. Do you do accent nails? What are your favorite polishes to use for them?

Happy holidays!

❤ Kellie
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