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Monday, December 8, 2014

SuperChic Lacquer Frozen & Flurrious Collection Swatches & Review

Hi friends! Today I want to show you a brand new collection from indie brand SuperChic Lacquer called Frozen & Flurrious. It has seven awesomely sparkly and fun colors for the holiday season. I am excited to show you these, I hope you like them! I still don't have my hand pose down perfectly for their uniquely shaped bottle, but I did my best :)

First is Royal Pain in the Ice. SuperChic Lacquer describes it as "a deep lush royal blue base with a vibrant contrasting green shimmer-chrome flash and strong multi-faceted holographic effects." It's a fabulous winter shade and I love the green shimmer. This, along with most of the shades in the collection, is a bit sheer on the first coat but builds up nicely in three.
SuperChic Lacquer Royal Pain in the Ice

Next is Chillin' With My Sister, "a stark lush neon pink base with contrasting blue shimmer-chrome flash, loaded with icy multi-faceted holographic effects". This is a total 80s bright pink, it kinda reminds me of Lisa Frank, which I love! The glitter in this is more apparent in real life, the picture kinda flattens it out. This one is more opaque than the others, I used two coats here.
SuperChic Lacquer Chillin' With My Sister

Here is Stoked & Cloaked for the Bifrost, "a lush vibrant raspberry-purple base with contrasting cool blue chrome, copper shimmer and packed with multi-faceted holographic effects". This makes me think of candy, it's so juicy looking. I tend to favor red toned purples so this is a win for me. Three thin coats.
SuperChic Lacquer Stoked & Cloaked for the Bifrost

My favorite of the collection is Cold Hands Warm Hugs, "a lush blue-turquoise base with strong fiery violet shimmer-chrome and icy multi-faceted holographic effects". This is a real surprise to me, I didn't expect to fall in love with it like I have. The addition of the pink shimmer along with the gold & turquoise just makes the shade pop! This one was a bit more on the opaque side, but I still used three coats here.
SuperChic Lacquer Cold Hands Warm Hugs

Mmm, Chocolate Snocaps is also definitely unique, it's "a semi sweet dark chocolate base with a flash of cool blue shimmer-chrome and chocked full of icy multi-faceted holographic effects". I've never seen anything quite like this and I really love it. Blue and brown compliment each other really well and the large glitter bits look like sugar! Three thin coats.
SuperChic Lacquer Mmm, Chocolate Snocaps

This one is called Liquid Nitro Queen and it's described as "a cool wintry lavender base with a strong contrasting flash of green shimmer-chrome, packed full of icy multi-faceted holographic effects". This went on a lot more pale than I expected looking at it in the bottle, but it's not really very sheer, just about the same as the rest of the colors. Very pretty and icy and makes me think of crisp winter air during a light snowfall. Three thin coats.
SuperChic Lacquer Liquid Nitro Queen

And last is Ice Rageous, a "vibrant retro 'Santa Red' base with subtle copper shimmer, and loaded with icy multi-faceted scattered holographic effects". This made me think of chili peppers when I was putting it on, it's got that fiery quality. This is so juicy and blingy, I love it! I used two coats on this one.
SuperChic Lacquer Ice Rageous

I wanted to mention that even with the large amount of glitter in these shades, they all are relatively smooth. Especially the red and pink. They also dried semi-satiny, so you'll want to use a top coat for maximum shine. I wouldn't say these particularly seemed like they'd suite me when I first saw them, but I really enjoyed all of them once they were on my nails.

This collection will be available starting today at 4:00 pm PST on SuperChic Lacquer's Etsy store for $10 each. What do you think of this bright and wintery collection? Are there any that you definitely need to get?

Thanks for coming by today!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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