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Friday, July 22, 2016

Sunny's Body Products Summer Essentials Box Review

Happy Friday cookies! Today I have the latest seasonal box from Sunny's Body Products to share with you! This time she's offering a smaller box (8 products instead of the usual 10) for a lower price for the summer. The OG products are in here along with a newer one or two. Let's dive into the Summer Essentials!

First we have Sunny's Hand Butter in the scent Blue Summer - Imagine eating fresh picked berries while wandering through a flower garden wild with jasmine, roses, blue lotus and orange blossoms. A gentle breeze lifts your hair and sparkles with notes of ginger and cedar along with heady vanilla-musk and amber. This is mellow and smooth and totally makes me think of a sexy evening in the garden with a hot guy by my side. OOH yeah. I love the formula of her hand butter, though it can take a bit to absorb so I usually use it in the evenings before bed.

Next is Sunny's Cuticle Oil in the scent Driftwood & Sea Salt - Feel the salt spray coating your hair as you awe in the power of the wild seas. Driftwood & Sea Salt picks up notes of citrus, mangos, orchids and lilies and finishes with a hit of salt soaked driftwood. I wasn't sure about this upon first sniff, but after wearing it for a while I really like it. Again, pretty mellow and sort of unisex but still feminine? This one is hard to capture in words! I adore the rollerball applicator and quick absorbing formula of this oil.

Sunny's Sugar Hand Scrub is scented as Sea Foam & Balsam - top notes in citrus and ozonic notes; middle - sandalwood, geranium, and white flowers; base - patchouli, caramel, and amber. I am obsessed with the scrub, it's perfect for keeping my overworked nail blogger hands and fingers in tip top shape. This scent for me was just ok, I don't think I'm an ozone fan. I do enjoy the citrus and flower notes so it's a toss up.

The scent for Sunny's On the Go Hand Lotion is called Aloha Vanilla - a warm tropical island breeze with beautiful aromas of sweet mango, vanilla absolute and creamy coconut with a touch of lotus flower. This lotion formula is my favorite to carry in my purse, it absorbs so fast with a nice dose of moisture. However, the scent didn't work for me. I think the coconut is to blame for my disdain, but you might love it!

The other oil that they make is Sunny's Intensive Cuticle Therapy, this one is in the scent Summer Boardwalk - a yummy boardwalk smells of caramel glazed popcorn, warm taffy apples and sweet, creamy saltwater taffy. This is very warm and foodie, sweet with a hint of salt and fruit. I wanted to eat my fingers with this stuff on! I love this oil for really pampering my cuticles and nails, it is feels so luxe.

And here we have Sunny's Triple Thick Body Cream in Sunset By The Pool - top notes of fuzzy apricot, sparkling bergamot, juicy grapefruit; mid notes of lily of the valley, mirabel plum, blood orange, apple blossom; bottom notes of sun warmed woods and Madagascar vanilla. This is totally a summer lotion scent, familiar but new at the same time. This might sound funny, but it makes me think of that one impossibly perfect girl who you see at the pool looking effortlessly stunning while you're sweating and getting sunburnt and falling off your floatie raft. I want to be that girl, and this makes me smell like I imagine she does haha.

Sunny's Miracle Balm in the scent Tiki Beach - a luxurious blend of toasted coconut, vanilla musk and orchids brings the glamour of a resort-stay to you. The combination of sparkling lemon, toasted coconut, orchid petals with tiny hints of green leaves blended with white cedar and vanilla musk will lull you into a tropical paradise! I'm in love with this complex, warm, girly summer scent! My favorite in the box. Miracle balm is seriously a miracle, you can put it anywhere haha! I usually put it on my cuticles and elbows for serious moisture.

Sunny's Lip Saver is the last product in the box, with the scent/flavor Caribbean Delight - sweet pineapple and mangos and papayas. I am not the biggest fan of pineapples, but the mix of the fruits makes this work for me. This little tube keeps my lips supple for hours!

This box will be available for purchase today on their website at $30 with free US shipping, $5 international shipping. I think this is a great bang for your buck! And if you're into summer scents, you're going to be head over heels for these items. There is a limited number available, so don't hesitate to pick it up if you're interested. Have YOU tried Sunny's yet??

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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