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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Takko Lacquer Summer Shimmers Collection Swatches & Review

Hey darling dears, I have some delicious Takkos to share with you today! Except don't eat these. The Takko Lacquer Summer Shimmers collection is made up of five seriously incredible polishes that you can really only fully appreciate if you see them in person. But I'ma try my best to show off their true gorgeousness potential for you!

Rose Quartz is a soft rosy beige crème filled with silver and gold micro flakies and a finely milled silver dust shimmer. This is on the thick side, but applied nicely. I used two coats for full opacity. Dries a little dull because of the mineral based formula and added vitamin e that Takko uses, but a top coat brings out the sparkle.
Takko Lacquer Rose Quartz

Cactus Rose is a dark hunter green jelly filled with iridescent shimmer that shifts from red to pink and gold to green at different angles. This is seriously breathtaking, quite unique to my collection. Really great formula, surprisingly easy to build up for a jelly, this is just two coats. Also dries matte.
Takko Lacquer Cactus Rose

Druzy Quartz is an inky midnight indigo with a pink to green multichromatic shimmer. A tinge metallic, but very shimmer based. This was thin, but again I only needed two coats for coverage. I would recommend wrapping your tips because as you can see, the thin formula let the white tip of my nail peep through. This surprisingly didn't dry very dull, but I'd still recommend a top coat.
Takko Lacquer Druzy Quartz

Grape Juice has a deep reddish purple base filled with tons of green to purple iridescent micro flakie shimmer. IN.CRED.IB.LE. I cannot get enough of this shade, I love the large shimmer particles and how in your face they are! Another wonderful formula, two coats. Dries matte so be sure to use a top coat if you want a shiny finish.
Takko Lacquer Grape Juice

Star Crossed has a royal blue base with added blue metallic shimmer and scattered linear micro holographic flakie bits. I always adore these starry sky looking shades, so classic! This had a nice formula as well, I didn't have any issues with brushstrokes despite the metallic-ness. Two coats, dries down dull but pretty smooth.
Takko Lacquer Star Crossed

These will all be available, along with their Collection of Curiosities & Exquisites (crèmes and toppers), on Friday, July 8th at 8:30pm EST on the Takko Lacquer website. For international customers, they are planning a restock with MeiMeiSignatures & Color4Nails soon. Please let me know what you think about these pretty shimmahs! Are you excited by these as much as I am?? If you love Takkos, check out my friend Amy's (McPolish) Takko Tuesday feature on her blog! Talk to you again soon cookies!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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