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Monday, October 24, 2016

Fortune Cookie Soap Winter 2016 Soap Box Review - Through The Wardrobe

Soap time! Today I have the winter Soap Box from Fortune Cookie Soap to show you. The theme for this season is Through The Wardrobe, which is a nod to the book/movie series The Chronicles of Narnia, probably specifically the first book, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. One of my all time childhood favorites, I love the book and the movie.

The FCS Soap Box is a quarterly, seasonal subscription box that includes eight samples of products in fragrances for that season's collection. I've reviewed quite a few of them at this point, and I still love them just as much as the first time! It's always exciting to see what the theme and scents are, as well as finding out what products are in the box because they're always changing. Scent is very objective, from person to person, so it's nice to be able to try all the scents in a collection before they offer them in all the different products at the main launch on their website. This box is STILL AVAILABLE to order at the time of posting, just an FYI!

Product and scent descriptions after the jump!
This picture is huge, click to open in a new window to see full size

Sweeties is the scent of the Fortune Cookie Soap, a glycerin-based soap shaped like a fortune cookie - Turkish Delight, scented with traditional rosewater and toasted pistachios, amaretto and warm, buttery cookies. I've never had the candy, but I always wanted to try it based on it's description in the story. If it tastes like this smells, I bet I would love it! Delightful bright color and dusted with powder, looks exactly like the jelly candy! My fortune says "At the sound of his roar sorrows will be no more."

The tiny fortune cookie shaped pedi bomb is scented with Small Favorswarm honey with a hint of tobacco pipe, brightened by spiced citrus slices. Definitely a cozy scent, this makes me fantasize about having a steamy bath with this on a cold night and then curling up by the fireplace, enrobed in this rich scent.

Deep Magic is the scent of the white solid shampoo bar - rosemary, fresh garden herbs and revitalizing mint. I might be claiming this one as my favorite scent in the box, it's SO good! If you like minty, fresh scents, you'll love this.

The whipped cream, a body butter, is in the scent Father Christmas - winter air blowing through blue juniper brush, dusted with fairy snow and hints of iced vanilla cupcakes. This is nice and woodsy without being too strong, with a soft, sweet note. I'm head over heels for most winter scents in general, and this really hits the nail on the head.

Dream Of A Dream is the scent for the dusting powder - lavender, vanilla, soft musk and patchouli. I'm pretty sure this is a new type of product, it's made of microfine powders and clays to absorb sweat and smooth skin with oils that keep you fresh all day. This is light in fragrance to me, but what I can smell is airy and comforting.

Next is the whipped soap, another new product (I think), in Hide And Seek - dark chocolate covered espresso beans, allspice and a light coconut cream. This is scrumptious! The coconut seems like a wildcard to me, but it rounds out the scent really nicely. They say you can use this as a shaving cream or as an all-over body wash. I will be ordering a few scents in this product, it's so fluffy and light!

The OCD hand sanitizer is scented with Always Winter - evergreen fir needles, warm cinnamon, crisp cranberries, apple curls and cedarwood. This might be my second favorite scent, très winter/holiday apropos. I will definitely be needing this in a room spray or wax tart, it's a quintessential seasonal scent! This has small clear iridescent glitter pieces suspended in the gel, fyi.

Lion's Breath is the perfume oil - winter frost and fir needles dripping with the sweet nectar of ripened pomegranates. I didn't know what to expect with the description of this but it's pretty much dead on what it says. Tangy pomegranate brightens up the chilly winter base scent, really lovely. A little strong for me, most heady perfumes end up giving me a headache so I probably won't be able to use this unfortunately.

This box is STILL AVAILABLE so be sure to sign up right away if you want it so you don't miss out! (The past two times I've gotten the box to review, it was already sold out for the quarter!) The subscription costs $19.99 US, $24.99 Canadian, or $29.99 international (including shipping), billed every three months, cancelable at any time. Subscribers also get a $10 off discount code emailed to them after purchase for use at a future time, which is a huge perk!

If you are ordering from FCS for the first time, you can get a 10% discount off your entire order using my referral link. If you decide to use the code the link will give you, it helps me out a little by giving me points and you save some money, win-win!

The launch of the Through The Wardrobe collection will be on Friday, November 11th. They do a live stream broadcast with the owners and employees showing off all the products in the collection and talking about the scents, along with tons of giveaways. The live stream starts on their Facebook page at 6pm CST. They usually take the website down that day to prepare for the launch and after the live stream, they'll open it back up for shopping. Let me know what you think about this theme! Are there any scents described that you think you might be interested in? Are you a Narnia fan?

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review. Some of the links above are referrals.
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