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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Cirque Colors Facets Collection Swatches & Review

Hey there! Cirque Colors has a new six piece collection of some crystal and gemstone inspired polishes, the Facets! These are all gorgeous pigmented shades filled with blingy holographic flakes.

Dioptase is a darkened blue-teal jelly crème with holographic flakes. This base is creamy but still technically a jelly I think, which that lends to being more opaque than a straight jelly. Two coats here.
Cirque Colors Dioptase

Garnet is an opulent burgundy jelly with holographic flakes. This one seemed a bit uneven in some spots on two coats, so you may opt to use one more. This is super luxe, great for the fall season or holiday!
Cirque Colors Garnet

Paraiba is a vivid cyan-green jelly with holographic flakes. This surprised me, it's so bright and intense! A great formula, I used two coats here.
Cirque Colors Paraiba

Smoky Quartz is a deep brown-black jelly with holographic flakes. This one was a nice opaque jelly, two coats. I think we've seen shades like this before, but the touch of brown here makes it a little more unique.
Cirque Colors Smoky Quartz

Morganite is a peachy pink jelly with holographic flakes. This was mostly flakes on the first layer, but it builds up to show off that rose gold base in three coats. This was almost blinding it was so sparkly in the sun!
Cirque Colors Morganite

Tanzanite is a brilliant "blurple" jelly crème with holographic flakes. A difficult color to capture 100% accurately but I think I came pretty close. This is another very pigmented, vivid shade that I love.
Cirque Colors Tanzanite

These shades are all now available on the Cirque Colors website for $13.00 each. I'm head over heels for this finish and the holo flakes! What do you think of these jewel toned lacquers? They also have a new six piece crème collection available now if that finish is more your style!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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