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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Glam Polish Experiment 626 Collection [Partial] Swatches & Review

Aloha friends! Today I am bringing you a new collection from Glam Polish called Experiment 626, inspired by the 2002 animated film Lilo & Stitch! If you haven't seen it, it's "the story of a small blue alien that is banished to Earth and adopted by a lonely Hawaiian girl who teaches him how to love." It's one of my favorite Disney movies, so cute and Stitch is adorable and hilarious. There are nine polishes in this collection and I have six of them to show you.

Nobody Gets Left Behind Or Forgotten is a subtle holographic pastel seafoam green with silvery pink shimmer and ultra holo glitter. My bottle cap had come loose on this so some of it leaked into the cap, which in turn exposed it to air so it ended up being a bit thick. But I'm almost positive yours won't be. I used two coats here. This dries a little dull so you'll want a shiny top coat to make it pop.
Glam Polish Nobody Gets Left Behind Or Forgotten

Evil Genius is a plum purple scattered holographic with glass flecks, multichrome shimmer that shifts from red to violet to blue, and ultra holo microglitter. This has a great formula, easy to apply and covers in two coats.
Glam Polish Evil Genius

I’m Sorry I Bit You and Pulled Your Hair... is a subtle holographic blush peachy pink with a strong gold shimmer and ultra holo glitter. This is the same type of polish as the green shade, but it's not thick at all which makes me think it's the leaky bottle that made my green that way. Applied great, opaque in two coats.
Glam Polish I’m Sorry I Bit You and Pulled Your Hair...

Stitch to The Rescue has a bright blue milky-jelly base with neon pink, light blue and silver ultra holo glitter. The silver glitter gets coated in the blue base and it all looks deep and complex, like jeweled rock or something, sooo pretty. This was a little thin but easy as pie to apply. This is two coats.
Glam Polish Stitch To The Rescue

Lilo You Lolo. is a sparkly sandy mix of glitters in holographic base. These shades go so well together, I am getting vibes of a colorful shells on the beach from this mix. Glam Polish has seriously cracked the code on perfect full coverage microglitters because all of the ones I've tried from them are perfection. This is two effortless coats. As with all glitters, you'll want a thick layer of top coat or two to get a smooth finish.
Glam Polish Lilo You Lolo.

Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride is a teal crelly scattered holographic filled with glass flecks and multiple sizes of holo glitter. Beautiful and excellent formula, super close to being a one coater but I did use two layers here.
Glam Polish Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride

The other three shades in the collection are: Experiment 626 - cerise intense holo with navy glass flecks; Model Citizen - white crelly holo with blue glass flecks and multiple sizes of silver holo glitter; and No More Caffeine For You - lime scattered holo with strong golden shimmer, glass flecks and a hint of ultra holo glitter.

This collection will be available this Friday, October 28th, at 2pm EDT USA on the Glam Polish website. They are priced at $11.50 each. This is a limited edition collection so there's no telling how long it will be sticking around for. What do you think of these colors?  Are you a Lilo & Stitch fan?

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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