Friday, August 3, 2012


Hi friends :) A few people have asked me why the change in my blog name. Honestly, I've been thinking of taking out the "Also Known As..." bit for a while now, but the decision became easier when a copyright issue came to my attention this last month. To be safe and agreeable, I decided to make my blog name the same as my website address, KellieGonzo. It's not a terribly big deal but I wanted to mention it in case you were curious. If you didn't know, now ya do ;)

Also, I've had a tough few weeks, as you may have noticed from my sporadic posts. Unfortunately, my dumb head and my sad heart are to blame. I'm doing better now and thanks for your well wishes. Part of the reason (I won't bore you with the rest) is my kitty Sawyer has gone missing and it's been long enough that I'm thinking he won't be back. It's easy to forget sometimes to really enjoy the time you have with people you love, or pets you love in this case. It hit me a lot harder than I expected and I guess I was reminded that I have a heart after all. I'll be back and better than ever soon. Hug your kitty (or dog, or significant other, etc.) extra tight tonight for me.

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