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Thursday, August 9, 2012

American Apparel Sheer Nail Lacquers

These are my first American Apparel nail polishes, some from their new limited edition Sheer line. I la la love jelly nail polish so of course I was excited for them. The polishes are vibrant but sheer, colors designed with Summer in mind.

First I have Redondo Beach, a medium sky blue jelly. These polishes are all syrupy but with high pigmentation, they remind me of the OPI Texas Sorbets. This is four coats, build up to almost opacity but the translucent quality slightly remains.

Next is a coral, my clear favorite, Manhattan Beach. It's a gorgeous juicy jello coral jelly. I ADORE this. Three coats here. I can see myself wearing this over and over. And that is saying a lot for me.

Zuma Beach clearly has the best name of the polishes and even though I thought I would love this chartreuse kiwi green, I like it the least of the three. It seems more gloopy than the others and the color makes me look sick. Check out the piss poor job I did with my pinky, I must've forgotten that third coat on him.

All in all, I think these are winners. There are three other colors in the collection, a light pink, a darker blue, and a turquoise green. I am going to need the turquoise for sure. These lacquers all seem really perfect for layering or for jelly-glitter sandwiches which is what I'm probably going to use them for the most. They had some colorful ombre looks in the press release for these but I most likely won't attempt that and from other bloggers' experiences, it doesn't look as easy as expected (with these). I love the frosted bottles, hate the mirrored handles. And the bottle shape is awkward to me.

You can get the Sheer nail lacquers from American Apparel at for $6 each. It looks all but two are sold out at the moment, so hopefully they restock soon. What do you think of these?

Products provided for review.
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