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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dancing Queen with A Little Kindness

I'm doing a lot with glitter lately. Not sure, I'm usually such a creme or shimmer person but for the past while I've been huge on glitter. Not like it's a trend or anything. One of my favorite layering combos that I've done recently has to be this one, BB Couture Dancing Queen with Rainbow Honey A Little Kindness.

Dancing Queen, from BB's Disco Fever Collection is a GORGEOUS rose coppery metallic that is quite possibly my perfect rose metal polish (which I've been searching for for a while). It paired perfectly with A Little Kindness, from Rainbow Honey's Equestria collection (an homage to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic). This is my preferred glitter from that collection, it pairs a sheer yellow base and pink iridescent shimmer with gold and pink glitter pieces of varying shapes and sizes. Named for Fluttershy, my second favorite MLP. Gold and pink has to be my most loved color combo.

I love Rainbow Honey's branding and packaging for the most part, although I wish this label was straight. It brings out my OCD something fierce :/ I will be showing the other glitters from the Equestria collection soon, I bought most of them haha. Are you a MLP fan? I am SO Twilight Sparkle it's not even funny.

This manicure was seriously one I had a hard time changing, it was so freaking beautiful. It's hard to convey what a gorgeous spectacle it is in photos as the shimmer/bling factor is so high the sun mostly washed it out. Take my word for it, it's amazing and something you should try immediately if not sooner :)

You can get BB Couture polish from their website for $9.95-$10.95 each and Rainbow Honey polish from for $10 each. They sell mini's but I don't recommend them as the brush is so short it's awkward/difficult to polish well with them. What do you say? Like this mani as much as me?

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