Wednesday, August 1, 2012

China Glaze On Safari Collection Fall 2012

The first Fall collection I have to show you this year is from China Glaze, On Safari. A collection of 12 cremes and glitters. I am really loving these shades!
Kalahari Kiss is a beigey pale mustard creme. Unexpectedly beautiful. Two coats.

This is Elephant Walk, a green toned graphite grey with a gorgeous shimmer. I expected to love this and I really do! This is two coats.

Desert Sun is a muted orangey butterscotch creme. I am not in love with this but it does look good on me. This is two coats.

This guy is Exotic Encounters, a dusty green teal creme. I flippen LA LA LOVE this! I didn't have a clue I'd be so head over heels with it and the picture does no justice. Perfect formula. Two coats.

Purr-fect Plum is a berry purple creme. Not super unique but pretty. This is two coats, but I think three might've looked a little more rich.

Jungle Queen is a super greyed dusty purple shimmer. I think my expectations were too high with this one, it kind of disappointed me. It looks a little dirty to me. Chanel Paradoxal is a similar idea, and in my opinion, much prettier. Two coats.

Man Hunt is a bright cobalt blue jelly creme. SO FAB. Two coats!

Call of the Wild is a chocolate sauce reddish brown. Nice and keeps with the theme well. Two coats.

And the token red, Adventure Red-y. A pretty fab blue toned red creme. Great formula, super pigmented, two coats.

Prey Tell is a deep dark winey brown super shiny creme. I don't love it, I don't hate it. Two coats.

I'm Not Lion is a freaking amazing glitter. A-MA-ZING! I was not excited about this at all from the promo shots, but this is seriously hot. Super blingy glittery champagne pale gold, with holo bits. Really sensational in the sun and even in the shade! And it's super easy to apply, very opaque, and just awesome. Dries seriously gritty and matte, so you need a thick topcoat. Two coats!

A second sexy hot glitter, I Herd That is a caramel orangey copper with gold and holo flecks. I kinda can't believe how much I like these. This is so super easy to apply, goes exactly where you want. Two coats :D

I am overall pretty impressed with this collection, it has some really great core colors that would be an asset to an polish lover's stash AND some standout unique lacquers that you definitely NEED. These should be on sale now at your local Sally Beauty Supply and various e-tailers. What are your thoughts on China Glaze's fall colors?

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  1. I love these! The two glitters, Exotic Encounters, and (surprisingly) Kalahari Kiss are all calling to me. Beautiful swatches as usual! :)

  2. I'm Not Lion looks amazing!

  3. This Safari collection is a dream, I love these,colour are fantastic.Tersa J.

  4. Thank you for your swatches! They're the best I've seen yet (in the sense that I'll be purchasing at least five)! ;). Both the glitters are INSANE, but I'm really loving that blue!

  5. I agree about I'm Not is seriously stunning in person! And I'm regretting not getting any of the cremes...thinking I need to make another trip to Sally this afternoon! As usual, your swatches are fabulous! <3

  6. I'm seriously obsessed with the glitters from this collection. I used I Herd That last week and I felt like I was wearing tiny disco balls, it was amazing. Got lots of compliments too!!! I'm planning on putting Prey Tell on tonight, I just got these in the mail last week and want to try every single one of them :)

  7. Great swatches Kelli! I heard about the great formula on the red in this collection before it was in retail - so of course I knew I had to try that one - I love reds and a great cream when it hits is really a fav of mine. It's a bit too blue for right now wear, but I know I will wear it a ton come winter. I even am going to go through some of my older OPI reds that are close to this one and give them away - esp ones that don't have a great even coverage. I could not find the Exotic Encounters...figure I have a whole lot of teals - then my mind says none like this! But not lemming it enough to get it off line. The one I did go back and pick up was Elephant Walk. I was looking at them all again (sans teal) and thought about that stash is lacking a true mid tone gray. All mine are lighter (some even chalky looking) or they are charcoal which was and is so in. I did not have a good true med. gray cream. Have not worn it but figure I will, esp on toes come fall/winter. I bought Jungle Queen and am disappointed...the goodies it has are hidden in too deep a shade. It had real potential. I bought the blue but sad now as it's darker than I wanted - close to OPI Road House Blues kind of - but I need to do a side by side - surprised no one else has yet - but maybe that means they are way different? Desert Sand had me written all over it for the color. I always have looked good in shades like that for nails and clothing/accessories. It's a shade that I wished Essie's 'purse' collection from fall 2011 had in it - wanted it then but got it this fall. KK here is just too chalky white for me to pull it off - thou if I did a lot of stamping I think it would be a good shade for base as well as stamping. All in all, I think there are going to be a lot of this collection left for that big 50% off Sally's sale bin in every location but those of us who live rural where everything sells out pretty much - rare to find anything in our Sally's bin when corp says sale time!

    1. Oh - I did not pick up either of the browns - too dark - one far too redish brown that I know does not work on me...and I have a bunch of browns from when they hit so hard 3 yrs ago and I don't wear those - so why buy more? The glitters were tempting..the silver one looks fab over Elephant walk - and the other one looks great over Desert Sun - I mean light coats - sponging/gradient maybe...but I am sooo out of glitter mode because of how hard they are to get off and when I am done, my nails are abused. I keep wondering when the glitter thing is going to slow down? These are not bad formula wise - least they are not all chunky/hunky which in my book is only good when they are in a really sheer/sparse covering in a light base.

  8. OH my goodness!! This line is beautiful!!!!

  9. Wow.. I need I'm not Lion, I really need it. This is so gorgeous!

  10. They are ALL pretty but that blue is popping I have to try it first

  11. Elephant Walk has my name written all over it and I'm already in love ;)
    Exotic Encounters also isn't bad and Purr-fect Plum is also gorgeous, glitters looks amazing but I hate removing them so I will pass them

  12. Truthfully I wasn't keen enough on this collection to buy any, but yours are the first swatches that have made me think twice! I know I have a very similar polish to Exotic Encounters so that rules that one out for me, but Man Hunt, I'm Not Lion and I Herd That are all now calling to my bank card! xxx


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