Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cirque - Fleur est Belle

This is Fleur est Belle by indie brand Cirque. It's an exclusive shade created for Singapore stockist Mei Mei's Signatures. The owner of Cirque describes it as "petal pink evoking images of the warm tropics and pink flowers that emanate whimsical femininity". I was convinced I needed this polish from the early previews I saw.

It has a beautiful sweet pink jelly base with golden shimmer, flakes, different shapes of glitter in satin and matte white, pink, and metallic gold. I love how it's sheer enough to build upon itself and show the different layers of glitter. Very delicate and intricate. This is three thin coats. Jelly glitters can gum if you apply them too quickly, so wait a bit for each layer to dry before you paint on the next one for best results.

You can buy this up exclusively at Mei Mei's Signatures. My total ended up being about $24 including shipping which I felt was pretty fair. And the shipping didn't take too long, about three weeks. What do you think about this polish? I'm head over heels! This has to be my new favorite polish of 2013! You can keep up with news from Cirque on their website and Facebook page.

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