Tuesday, February 12, 2013

GlitterDaze Sunset in the City Collection

I won a giveaway GlitterDaze was having on their Facebook page a while ago and my prize was the entire Sunset in the City collection they had just come out with! Woot, woot! The collection has five multichrome scattered holo nail lacquers. They glimmer and twinkle and shine!
R to L: Nightfall in New York City, Twilight in Tucson, Dusky in Dallas, Afterglow in Aspen, Sundown in Seattle

Here I am wearing two coats of each shade over my favorite black creme, Cult Nails Nevermore. On my thumbnail is Nightfall in New York City, a combo of blue, purple, red and orange. My index finger has on Twilight in Tucson, which shifts in shades of pink, red, orange, and yellow with a glimpse of purple. My middle finger features Dusky in Dallas, a color mix of lavender, purple, red, and orange with hints of pink. Afterglow in Aspen is on my ring finger, showing a composite of hues in turquoise, blue, purple, and red. And last, my pinky nail shows Sundown in Seattle, a medley of orange, copper, yellow, and red.

My favorite of the bunch is probably Nightfall in New York City, I love the color combination. They all applied very well, not thick at all. They also build upon themselves nicely and can be worn on their own or layered. I like this collection because of the addition of the holo glitter, it separates them from other multichromes that may seem similar.

You can buy GlitterDaze on their website or their Etsy shop for $11.50 for a full size bottle and $6.25 for a mini. You can keep up with news about GD products on their Facebook page. What do you think of these babies? Do you think multichrome polishes benefit from the holo glitter? What's your favorite of the collection?

Products provided as giveaway prize.


  1. I have collected effect top coats like a mad hatten this winter - I just love them to give a mani a different look after day two or three. I think multichromes benefit a lot from holo glitter (tell me, what does not ;-)?). I think Enchanted Polish Beatles Collection here.... And re favorite: I am with you, Nightfall in New York City is the most outstanding in my eyes!

  2. These are all really pretty!

  3. All of them are pretty but my favorites are Sundown in Seattle and Nightfall in New York City!

  4. Nevermore is a great creme! Awesome choice (and taste)! I love the names of all these and I think Ozotic was the gateway that brought me to this look of polish. These look pretty and shimmery! I kind of like that they seem foil-like too. :)

    1. FOIL! yes! i must've been half asleep when i wrote this because that's the only adjective i could not think of haha. they seriously are very foily-like, thanks for that haha.


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