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Friday, February 15, 2013

OPI Skyfall Collection for Holiday 2012 Part One

OPI came out with a James Bond themed collection for the Holiday 2012 season. It marks the 50th anniversary of the Bond franchise and the release of the new Sony movie Skyfall starring Daniel Craig. The collection is made up of 12 shades that are as dazzling and daring as 007 himself ;) Here are the first half for your viewing pleasure.

First, the namesake of the collection, Skyfall. This is a warm, brown toned shiny red creme. I find this a very luxe shade, a bit reserved but rich. It was a little thin so I used three coats. I love how shiny it is!

Next is Casino Royale, which was my personal favorite Bond movie. Another super shiny creme, this time in a plummy purple. I love red-toned purples like this! This one is a little more buttery than Skyfall. Two coats.

Here is the notorious Moonraker, a polish that many of my fellow lacquerista bloggers have voiced negative opinions about in their reviews. I can see why it won't work for everyone, but I actually happen to love it! It's a slightly steel blue silver chrome. It's got a formula that will show every brush stroke you make if you're not mindful, but dries beautiful and soft if you take extra care. Maybe it's because I knew it would be a problem child before I used it that I was able to achieve this look. *shrug* It reminds me of the Essie chromes, but this was easier for me to use. Two coats.

Here is glitter topcoat The Living Daylights. I attempted a gradient effect over Moonraker, but I don't know how successful I was haha. The glitter in this are medium sized hexes in faded colors of silver, gold, turquoise, and orangey copper. Interesting and unique! I love seeing big brands go outside their creative boxes. I just dabbed this on, so it's not really any more than one "coat".

This guy is called Die Another Day, a orange toned bright glowy shimmer. I love formulas like this, glassy smooth, shiny and easy to control. I didn't think I would like this as much as I do, it's really stunning. That shimmer just glistens! Two coats.

And the last of this half is Tomorrow Never Dies, a blue toned purple metallic shimmer. If you're not aware, I have a long standing disdain for blue toned purple polishes, but somehow this one gets a pass haha. It has an ultrafine threadlike shimmer that glistens blue and pink and just makes this baby pop! Uber hot. Two coats.

You can buy OPI products in salons and professional retailers like Ulta, Trade Secret, etc. for $8.50 for a 0.5 oz. bottle. Did you pick up any of the polishes in this collection? Which of these six are you liking the most? I am pretty happy with this collection, and the rest will bring even more hotness to see. Stay tuned for the next half of the collection!

Products provided for review.
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