Monday, February 18, 2013

OPI Skyfall Collection for Holiday 2012 Part Two

I showed you the first half of the OPI Skyfall collection celebrating the 50th anniversary of James Bond the other day and now here are the rest!

This is On Her Majesty's Secret Service. This is a way complex shade, a dusty blue effect that is a combination of a blue, green, and gold microsparkles that duochrome with a slight pink and purple hue and a silvery cast. Very cool! It was quite thin and a bit sheer, but I build it up using three coats to a reasonable finish.

Here is The World Is Not Enough, one of my favorite Bond movie songs. The polish has the same type of interesting microsparkle look as the one above, this time in a taupey shade. The sparkles are in copper, pink, gold, and green. This one ended up being more sheer than I liked, even with three coats it doesn't give the impact I would've preferred.

You Only Live Twice is a beautiful deep pink magenta shade with massive amounts of shimmery glass fleck particles buried within. The flecks bling out in fuchsia and gold and compliment the base shade beautifully. I like this a lot but seems almost out of place with the other colors in this collection. Two coats.

This polish is called Live and Let Die. Unfortunately, my bottle broke in transit so I had to decant what was left of it into an empty bottle. I actually have about 80% left which was lucky because this shade is so amazing! It's a deep dark green with flecks of metallic gold and green. I love this look, almost like a night sky but in green! This is two coats, but you could get away with using one because it's so buttery!

The Spy Who Loved Me is a gorgeous bright apple red with gallons of gold fleck shimmer bits. This one really glows and unfortunately I couldn't capture it's fabulousity in a photo. You really need to see this in real life to get the hotness! Two coats.

This is Goldeneye, on longer nails because I mistakenly left it out when I was swatching the previous 11 polishes from this collection. This is almost two weeks later (see that growth? all thanks to Duri Rejuvacote). This blingy shade is made up of flat flakelike metallic bright gold glitter bits that build up on themselves to produce such a beautiful gilded effect it's unbelievable. It's on that orangey side of yellow gold and it just screams luxury! This is three coats. It can get a bit messy when time to remove, so be careful.

You can buy OPI products in salons and professional retailers like Ulta, Trade Secret, etc. for $8.50 for a 0.5 oz. bottle. So after seeing all the swatches from this collection, which one is your favorite? I think my pick is Live and Let Die. Or maybe Goldeneye. This collection had a lot of solid colors and is a welcome asset to my stash!

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  1. I was bad with this half of the collection - I got them all except for The Spy Who Loved Me! I love Live and Let Die and You Only Live Twice. And The World is Not Enough.

  2. I have Golden Eye and I absolutely love it :) Thanks for the swatches!

  3. Hi, Kellie! I picked up a couple of these polishes a few months back. Now, I see how many beauties were left behind.

    Looks like I need The World Is Not Enough.


  4. I've had Golden Eye on my toes for seems like weeks now! It's just so gorgeous. Live and let Die was another one I picked up. It's lovely but looks best in the sun where it can really shine! Thanks for the swatches. I need to go back and get You Only Live Twice!

  5. Wow you make Live and Let Die look so good! I didn't think it looked that good indoors in the store but it looks amazing with some light!

  6. I have Live and Let Die in the back of my Melmer...I think I need to bring that little gorgeous out!

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  8. I've been into gold polishes lately (don't know why), and Goldeneye is so beautiful. It's probably the prettiest gold I've ever seen.

  9. Great swatches! I got all 6 of these.

  10. Wow! The World Is Not Enough looks absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing!

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  11. OMG!!! These nail colors are all so pretty. Love all the colors for I find them all so elegant and classy. Wish I could have them all =)

  12. So sad. Live and let die was my favorite


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