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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Secret Cupid Swap: KBShimmer Belle of the Mall Swatch & Review

Hi my friends! Happy Singles Awareness Day, or as it's more conventionally known, Valentine's Day! I am not a big Valentine's person, it's mostly just kinda cute and silly to me. This year it's a little more special though because a group of polish lovin' sistas invited me to join in on a little "Secret Cupid" gift swap and today is our unveiling! Most of the other ladies have YouTube channels I will link to them at the end, make sure you stop by and check out what they received!

My Secret Cupid turned out to be Danielle Kelley from YouTube :) She mainly makes videos about nail polish, she does hauls and shows swatches, etc. I've recently come to get to know her a little and she's such a sweetheart! She has beautiful nails, make sure you check out her instagram too.

She sent me one of my lemmings that I hadn't gotten around to buying yet, KBShimmer Belle of the Mall. It's from their 2014 Spring collection so it's very appropos for this season. It has a coral toned almost neon pink jelly base with holographic silver glitters of varying size. This is so my kinda polish and I love it! Thanks so much Danielle! I used two coats here for full opacity.
KBShimmer Belle of the Mall
KBShimmer Belle of the Mall

Also included in my package was a little baggie of heart glitters, a KBShimmer nail file, a KBShimmer soap sample, some yummy candy and a sweet Valentine's Day card. I seriously loved everything :)

You can purchase this polish from KBShimmer on their website. I adore it and know I will get lots of use out of it. Please take a minute to visit each of the gals that participated in this swap, they are posting about their packages today too. Also, so you can see who I was a Secret Cupid for!

Thanks for coming by today and have a great one!

❤ Kellie
The product mentioned was received as a gift.
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