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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday: China Glaze 100 Proof Pink and No Way José

Heeeeeey good lookin! Today is Thursday so I thought I'd do a little throwback for you! This might become a regular feature because I have a lot of older, "vintage" polishes that I've collected over the years, but we'll see. Today my picks are two China Glaze polishes from the 2006 Tequila Toes collection. It was a collection full of GLASS FLECKS! I really adore that finish. Recently a few of my nail blogger homegirls have been trying to campaign to have China Glaze bring them back haha! We can dream right? Anyway, here are two polishes I found lurking on ebay that I could not pass up.

This is 100 Proof Pink, a sexy squishy warm pink jelly crème with silver glass fleck. I say it's a "jelly crème" and not a "crelly" because it's pretty opaque, more so than I expected. This is two coats. I am just head over my freaking heels for this, it's spectacular!
China Glaze 100 Proof Pink Tequila Toes collection
China Glaze 100 Proof Pink label Tequila Toes collection

And this is No Way José, a warm vibrant lavender with silver glass flecks. This one is less opaque, more of a jelly formula. I've had this on my wish list FOREVER and I'm so glad I own it now. It's quite unique no? This is three coats and I loved every one of them.
China Glaze No Way José Tequila Toes collection
China Glaze No Way José label Tequila Toes collection

I actually reviewed another polish from this collection back in the day, Drinkin' My Blues Away, if you wanna peek at that. Ooh, my poor cuticles back then! Don't judge me. Regardless, that polish is bangin'. And these are just as amazing! I am a happy girl! You might be able to pick these up on ebay like I did, or amazon, or they might pop up on a blog sale if you keep your eyes peeled. What do you think of these pretty babies?

Until next time, stay classy!

❤ Kellie
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