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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Nail Butter - Nail Treatment Review

Hi super friends! Today I have for you a review of a nail treatment that I've been trying and testing for about a month called Nail Butter. I had heard about this product from a few of the blogs I read and some of the folks I follow on Instagram so I was eager to try it.

This product is supposed to soften and fortify all types of skin. It's all-natural and contains essential oils and lanolin. Nail Butter is used to "strengthen and rejuvenate nails by enhancing growth and maintaining optimal moisture levels for your nails and skin". They say to rub on a small amount twice a day for 30 days and then once a day thereafter. It comes in a round glass jar that is classy looking and feels substantial.

I quite like the texture and consistency of this product, it really is butter-like. I was happy to find out that it sinks in relatively quickly so you aren't left greased up for more than a few minutes. The scent is very different. It's gardenia scented, which I usually like, but the mix of the other ingredients with it makes it smell odd to me and it's quite strong. I really didn't care for it at first, but found it dissipated in strength after I used it a few times.  I still wouldn't say I like the scent to be honest, but I got used to it quickly. I have heard inklings that the maker is coming out with an unscented version soon though.

I have not included before and after photos because there's not really a visible difference to show you. My nails and cuticles were in great shape before I used this product and they remain so after. I normally use cuticle oils and lotion all day long, so adding this product into my routine morning and night really just reinforced the moisture and healthy appearance of my nails and cuticles. I like the product and feel it is a luxurious and worthwhile treatment that I look forward to using. If your cuticle game needs some help, I would definitely recommend Nail Butter to help get you on track!

You can purchase this product at for $24 for a one-ounce jar. You only have to use a small amount for each application so it should last you a long time. You can follow Nail Butter on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to keep up with product news. So what do you think? Have you tried this product yet or are you interested in trying it? What do you use to keep your nails and cuticles healthy and on point?

Talk to you again soon!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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