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Monday, February 2, 2015

KBShimmer Spring 2015 Collection Swatches & Review

Hi guys! I am excited to show you the newest KBShimmer collection for Spring 2015! I've had these for a little while and it's been killing me not to show them to you sooner! The press release came out yesterday and the official release date to buy the polishes is February 6. There are twelve polishes in the collection, 1 cream, 1 shimmery holo, 3 ultra-holos, and 7 crellies. Let's take a look!

A staple in anyone's arsenal, Eyes White Open is a white crème. Not exciting? YES it is! This has an absolutely amazing formula, almost opaque on one coat but with total coverage on two. Most white crèmes can be chalky or difficult to work with but this one is easy and you need it.
KBShimmer Eyes White Open

Next is Meow Or Never, which is a great name can we all agree? This is based off of the Pantone spring color Glacier Gray. It's a really pale gray crelly, I actually thought it was white based at first, but you can tell it's gray if you put it next to a white polish (see above) haha. I love the glitter mix of purple, blue, gray and periwinkle with subtle holographic bits. I used three thin coats for full opacity.
KBShimmer Meow Or Never

This gal is Sweet Egg-scape, a pale cotton candy pink crelly with lots of glitters in white, aqua, coral, lavender, red and silver--some in shapes like stars, triangles, squares and circles. This is going to be my Valentine's Day polish this year, so flippen cute! This is two coats, it's a little chunkier with all that glitter but it's not difficult to use.
KBShimmer Sweet Egg-scape

Blush Money was created with the Pantone color Strawberry Ice in mind. It's a peachy pink with gold shimmer and holo. This is more of a shimmer in low lights and more holographic in the sun, the same formula as last summer's shade Mint-al Vacation. This was on the thicker side but in a good way, two coats.
KBShimmer Blush Money

This is To Peach His Own, a pale orangey peach with lots of shiny multi-sized hex glitters in magenta, purple, green and gold. This is a lovely spring polish and I'm sure it would look good on other people, but I don't feel it looks that great with my skin tone. This is two easy coats.
KBShimmer To Peach His Own

Here we have Ins and Sprouts, another great name, a pale green citron linear holographic. Wowza, that rainbow effect is poppin! KBShimmer does holos really well. This is two coats. I didn't put a top coat on it so you could see the full flame effect.
KBShimmer Ins and Sprouts

This is Cool Hand Cuke, seriously how clever are these names? It's a very pale mint green crelly with pastel glitters, you can see hexes, circles, triangles and stars in there as well as subtle holographic sparkles. I've never seen a polish like this, making it a nice addition to my stash. This is three thin coats.
KBShimmer Cool Hand Cuke

Next we have Funky Cold Patina, which might be the best name for a polish ever. It's a bright statue of liberty type blue green crème leaning crelly base with metallic copper, blue and purple glitters. I LOVE this polish! The base was pretty opaque though, I might even love this a bit more with a squishier base. Two coats.
KBShimmer Funky Cold Patina

Another perfect linear holographic? Yes please! This is Blue-d Lines, a cool medium/pale blue with a fabulous rainbow effect. So easy in two coats, no top coat.
KBShimmer Blue-d Lines

Wind Swarm is another color based on a Pantone color, Aquamarine for this guy. It's a pale sky blue crelly with purple, gold, white and magenta glitters with a sprinkling of holo sparkle. This is the only one out of this collection that I didn't end up liking that much. It's easy breezy to apply, opaque in two coats.
KBShimmer Wind Swarm

Last of the crellys is I'm So Sweet Pea, a super pale purple base with glitters in turquoise, white, and purple. Wow I might be in love! This is soft and feminine and perfect for spring! Two coats.
KBShimmer I'm So Sweet Pea

And to finish out the collection we have Thistle Be The Day, a pale/medium pinky lavender linear holographic. What can I say? It's perfection! Two coats, no top coat.
KBShimmer Thistle Be The Day

The KBShimmer Spring 2015 collection will be available 2/6/15 at for $8.75 each. For sales outside the US, visit There will also be a new sheet of nail vinyls available for Spring too, it includes bunnies, flowers and butterfly cut outs. What do you think of these shades for the upcoming season? I am filled with sunshine looking at them, I'm ready for Spring to be here! My favorites are I'm So Sweet Pea, Sweet Egg-scape, and Funky Cold Patina. Let me know which ones you need!

Have a great week!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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