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Friday, May 1, 2015

Fortune Cookie Soap Summer 2015 Soap Box Subscription Review

I'm SUPER excited to bring you this review you guys! I reviewed a cuticle butter not too long ago from a newly discovered (to me) company called Fortune Cookie Soap and told you how much I love the company and their innovative products. I've seriously ordered from them almost 10 times since I discovered them around the end of January, I just can't stop! I was given the opportunity to review their Summer "Soap Box" subscription box and, already being a subscriber, I of course was happy to review the box early to spread the word.

The box is themed for Peter Pan, the collection is called Straight On Till Morning. It contains 8 mini-sized bath and body products in different scents. The boxes are a preview to their big launch of the scent collection so you can find out what they smell like before they're available in their different products. Below you'll see the box title card with all the scent descriptions on it.

The first product in the box is the fortune cookie soap, of course, their signature product. This is solid soap in the shape of a fortune cookie, I love it to keep on my sink for handwashing. It's scent is called Second Star to the Right, a combo of crushed berries, mint, pomelo and sugar. It's almost a tad masculine which is cool, but still kinda sweet and summery. I think this is the most beautiful piece of soap I've ever seen, it's like a galaxy! **UPDATE** - I forgot to tell you my fortune! It says, "Little children should never be sent to bed, they always wake up a day older."

Next is the OCD hand sanitizer in the scent Tink. (If you are concerned about the moniker, please check out their FAQs page which addresses the use of OCD in the name of this product.) I love the formula of this, it's got aloe and glycerin in it so your hands don't get dried out. The scent is a mixture of cherries, cream and coconut. I didn't love it at first sniff, but it dries down softer and I ended up really liking it. The chartreuse color and "fairy dust" in this really reminds me of Tinkerbell, so cute! **UPDATE** - After using it for a long time, this is one of my favorite OCD scents I've ever used from FCS. Very pleased with this.

Their lotion product is called whipped cream and it's got a nice, thick, but not too thick, whipped consistency, I have literally like 12 jars of this at home in different scents right now! This is called Lost Boys and it's got a peach and apricot scent. It's very warm and definitely perfect for summer. I love the pretty lavender color too! **UPDATE** - This scent isn't for me, but it seems to be a fan favorite.

Mermaid Lagoon is a "two phase perfume oil", in two different colors, a turquoise and an oceany green. You shake it up and they mix and slide around in the little spray bottle. Very fun and pretty to look at. This smells like toasted coconuts and the ocean, mmm. I will definitely be getting some other products with this scent. (I've already used a bit of it so that's why it's not full in the picture.) **UPDATE** - I don't like this as much as I did at first because I bought another product in the scent and someone told me the smell reminded them of the cleaning products used in a public bathroom. :(

The little baby lip balm scent is called Kiss, a mix of watermelon, citrus, pineapple and coconut. I usually am wary of trying new lip products, nothing seems to feel as good to me as my Burt's Bees, but this is one I will actually use! Dense and moisturizing, and it smells like a smoothie, yum! **UPDATE** - I bought a few more products in this scent and it actually smells exactly like sweet tarts or pixie stix!

The Boy Who Never Grew Up is the scent name of their salt scrub, a new product in their repertoire. They have produced scrubs for a long time but they are usually made of sugar. This one has larger pieces of salt and has a gel-like feel, probably really good for summertime exfoliation. The scent is 100% salty margarita. YES PLEASE. **UPDATE** - After using this a few times, I don't care for the salt scrub. I don't feel like it exfoliates as well as sugar scrubs.

Another new product for FCS, this is a veggie protein deodorant in the scent Wendy Bird. It is a mix of green apple with a tropical twist. I really love this, it's so fresh. I don't know if I'll be using this under my arms, because I prefer an antiperspirant/deodorant combo, but maybe I'll try it as a solid perfume.

Last is their shower steamer in the scent The Captain. It's a mixture of magnolia flowers and berries & cream. These are neat, you put them on the floor when you're in the shower out of the direct water stream and they fizz up and release their scent for an aromatherapy fix. I wasn't sure I loved the scent when I first sniffed it, but after using it I fell in love!

The spots for the summer boxes are still open (as of now) so if you want one, hurry! They start shipping out May 4th. You can purchase a subscription to this box on their website FCS Soap Box, for $19.99 every three months, but you get a $10 off code with the purchase of every box! Shipping to the US is free, if you're in Canada shipping is $8.01, and shipping for international folks is $14.01.

The launch for the Straight On Till Morning scents is on May 22 at 6:30 pm CST, they will have a live video viewing party and usually do giveaways on their Facebook page! These scents will be available in different products so if you love a scent but want it in a different product or vice versa, they'll probably have it! The Soap Box is by far my favorite subscription box ever, I love getting to try all these products for such a great price. Let me know what you think about this box and if you're into bath and body products like these :)

If you are ordering for the first time, you can get $5 off a minimum order of $30 using my referral link: You must using the special coupon code the website shows you to get the $5 off. (I only get points if you use the link, not money. :) )

Bye loves!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review. Some of the links above are affiliates.
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