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Thursday, May 7, 2015

#TBT: My Favorite Black Label OPIs Part 4

Yay, it's everyone's favorite day of the week again, it's Throwback Thursday! I'm so glad you've decided to join me for another installment of this series, where my friend Karen aka manigeek from beautygeeks and I show off two of our favorite black label OPIs! Have you met Karen? She's from Canada eh and she has the best nails and polishing skills and basically non-existent perfect mutant cuticles. I love her! Check out the first post for an explanation of what a black label OPI is if you're not sure and then let's move on to the picks for this week :)

Blue Moon Lagoon is from the 2003 It's Summer for Shore collection, which was one of the best collections ever. It was full of holographics! If only OPI would do something like that now, the world would be stunned and probably drop dead! This is a sheer light blue holographic. The holo is strong, but it takes quite a few coats to built it up. This is three coats and it could use another even. I don't care though, I love it! I think I got this one in a swap when I was a swapping fiend on MakeupAlley back in the day.
OPI Blue Moon Lagoon

Someone inked over my label! Don't worry tho, it's still legit.
OPI Blue Moon Lagoon label

Movin' Out is also from 2003, it came out in the Holiday on Broadway collection (another incredible OPI collection where every polish seriously ruled). I've actually featured this guy on my blog before here, but it deserves to be shown again. Just LOOK! It's a very sheer pinky fuchsia with red shimmer bits and a multichrome flash that turns green, gold and barely blue. I've shown two coats over a black crème here. It's more purple with this base color. What I adore about sheer chameleons like this is that they can look so different depending on how you use them.
OPI Movin' Out label

Here you get that delicious shift to icy green with gold glimmer. Mmmmmm :)
OPI Movin' Out
OPI Movin' Out label

Let me know what you think about this week's BLOPIs! And if you haven't yet, make sure you stop by Karen's post and see which beauties she's decided to dazzle us with today! We've got one more week to go in this collaboration series, I am so excited to show you the two I've saved for last :D

Catch ya later!

❤ Kellie
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