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Sunday, May 3, 2015

GlitterDaze The Mythical Collection Part 2 Swatches & Review

Hey folks! Today I wanted to show you four more multichrome metallic flakie toppers that GlitterDaze has added to their Mythical collection! I've shown you five of the originals in a previous post, HERE. These are the same type of flakies, maybe a little smaller than the others? I might be imagining that though. I've show them all over black instead of by themselves this time because I think realistically that is how the majority of people will wear them.

On my index finger I have Ultraviolet Gypsy, a mix of bright purples, bright pinks, reds, oranges, and golds. On my middle finger is Celestial Genie, which shifts through shades of deep purple, midnight blue, and bright blue. My ringer finger has on Iridescent Pixie, a cooler version of Forbidden Fairy Dust, a mix of multicolored flakies and tons of chunky holographic shimmer. And last, on my pinky is A Siren's Lullaby, with flakies that range from aquas and teals to blues and purples, to pinks and greens. I used two coats of each over black crème Cult Nails Nevermore.

This is a shade shot of them.

Here they are in the shade with a matte top coat over them, so you can see the colors more clearly.

You can purchase these from for $12.50 each. What do you think of these mystical mythicals? I have to say, as someone who layers pretty infrequently, I'm a little bit over the multichrome metallic flakie trend, but I'm really happy to have the ones that I do and these are great. Ultraviolet Gypsy is my favorite of these four. Are you drooling over any of these?

Have a great one!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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