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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Zoya PixieDust Summer 2013 Collection Swatches & Review

Hi everyone! I posted about the Zoya PixieDust premiere collection the other day, so I'm continuing with the Summer 2013 collection! These are six textured glitters that are still available on the Zoya website, but the PixieDust line is discontinued so they won't be making any more. When they are sold out they are gone! Gotta grab 'em all while they're there!

First is Beatrix, a tangerine orange texture polish with gold glitter. The name Beatrix always reminds me of the Bride character in the Kill Bill movies, which I love. This is so bright and happy, just perfect for summer. I used two coats.
Zoya Beatrix PixieDust

Destiny is a hot orangey coral texture with sugary looking bits and gold glitter. Oh my. This is so gorgeous and it makes me instantly happy to look at it. The base is kinda jelly-ish so it looks like candy! Two coats.
Zoya Destiny

Next is Liberty, a happy bright blue with silver glitter. The base on this one is very jellyish. A little more sheer than the others but I still only needed two coats. I was afraid this would stain but it didn't on me.
Zoya Liberty PixieDust

Miranda is described as a rose, it leans kinda dark strawberry for me with silver glitter. This is lovely and looks almost sophisticated. Two coats here as well.
Zoya Miranda PixieDust

Buckle your seatbelts cuz here comes Solange! It is a gold metallic foil sparkle texture. This is supposed to have a special exclusive to Zoya gold pigment in it, it's stunning. This is a yellow gold, but it leans cool. Two coats of bling!
Zoya Solange PixieDust

Stevie is a pale muted lilac with the sugary silver sparkle texture look. This is more of a crème base than jelly, more like the ones in the first PixieDust collection. I think this taffy pinky purple is kinda unique when it comes to textures so I really like it. Two coats for full opacity.
Zoya Stevie PixieDust

You can get these, for the time being, at for $10 each. What do you think of these shades? Did you get any of them when they came out? If you didn't, which one would you choose now? I still enjoy the texture trend, so these are still on my radar :)

Have a great Memorial Day weekend if you're in the US, if you're not have a great regular weekend!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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