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Monday, August 24, 2015

China Glaze Fall 2015 The Great Outdoors Collection Swatches & Review

Hi everyone! The Fall collections have started rolling in and I've got another one for you today. This is The Great Outdoors by China Glaze! There are 12 polishes in this collection inspired by nature and the adventures of camping. I think this collection is a big hit so let's take a look at the lacquers!

Cabin Fever is a coppery orange to gold metallic duochrome. It's pretty brushstrokey, but that is to be expected with these types of polishes. It was nicely opaque in two coats. This is darker indoors, it looks more sheer in full sunlight as I've shown here.
China Glaze Cabin Fever

Change Your Altitude is a muted grey putty crème. This had an amazing formula, a bit on the thin side but pretty opaque. Two coats here. I love how this looks with my skintone, it's perfect for the chilly Fall weather!
China Glaze Change Your Altitude

Check Out The Silver Fox is a gunmetal silver foil. This one is more grey tinged than some of the silvers I've seen lately, but it's still kinda basic. Almost opaque on one coat, I used two here.
China Glaze Check Out The Silver Fox

Free Bear Hugs is an almost black oxblood red jelly crème. This was opaque in two coats, but could look patchy on two depending on your application. A little thick and thin at the same time, which was interesting. I did have staining on my cuticles with this, fyi.
China Glaze Free Bear Hugs

Gone Glamping is a gold to green duochrome with a slight edge of blue. There are also super teeny tiny blue shimmer bits which is very pretty, but almost indiscernible on the nail unless you look very close up. This one was the most sheer duochrome of the three in the collection. I like this but I wish it were more pigmented. This is three coats.
China Glaze Gone Glamping

Let's Dew It is a blue glitter in a clear base with iridescent flakes and purple & blue shimmer bits. I wore this in one coat over Sleeping Under the Stars, which you'll see further down in the post. This had pretty great coverage and the added shimmer and flakes make it look much denser when applied than I expected.
China Glaze Let's Dew It

My Lodge Or Yours? is a dusty pinky mauve crème. Great formula, like Change Your Altitude but a little more opaque. Two coats. When I first saw this I thought it was a dupe to Dress Me Up from the China Glaze Hunger Games collection, but that one is more flesh toned and a bit darker.
China Glaze My Lodge Or Yours?

Pondering is a blue to purple duochrome with an edge of green. This also has some brushstrokes, but like the other metallics, it's kind of a given. I used two coats here. It dries slightly satiny so use a top coat for full shine. This is my favorite of the duochromes.
China Glaze Pondering

Sleeping Under the Stars is a dusty purple toned blue with dark pink to gold slightly shifting shimmer. It was a little thick but easy to apply. This was opaque in one coat, but I did two per usual. It didn't change the look at all, so it's wearable at one. I love the shimmer in this one but it's not super noticeable on the nail in person. I didn't have any staining with this but I have heard it's possible.
China Glaze Sleeping Under the Stars

S'More Fun is a bright lemon lime crème. This was kinda thick but not as much as I was expecting it to be. I thought it was almost perfect at two coats, but I needed one more to even it out completely. This was surprising to me as I expected a not so great formula and it was pretty ok. I kinda love that they threw this odd vibrant shade in with the bunch!
China Glaze S'More Fun

Take A Hike is a hunter green crème that leans slightly in the teal direction. This was opaque in one coat, but I used two here. The second layer didn't add anything to it though so you can definitely just use one and still get a great finish. This had a thicker consistency, but in a good way. I love this!
China Glaze Take A Hike

Wood You Wanna? is a red toned brown with a flat silver foil effect to it. It is not chunky at all, very smooth and any brushstrokes I had melted away when it dried down. This is two coats but it's pretty opaque in one. Dries very fast.
China Glaze Wood You Wanna?

China Glaze polishes can be purchased from retailers like Ulta and Sally Beauty Supply as well as several online sellers. What do you think of this collection? I am very impressed with the formulas on these and the colors are just right for the upcoming season! I actually hate camping, but I wouldn't mind 'glamping' at #CampChinaGlaze!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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