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Friday, August 7, 2015

OPI Coca-Cola Collection 2014 Swatches & Review

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to show off the OPI Coca-Cola collection. This originally came out last year at the beginning of summer, but a lot of the shades are being re-released this year. There are also two additional shades that I will show you in another post soon. This bunch of colors is perfect for the Coca-Cola fan, they are all inspired by their different drink flavors!

A Grape Affair is an homage to Grape Fanta, which I've personally never tried but it sounds good. This is a deep, vampy purple crème. It was easy to apply and opaque in two coats. This is one of the shades that has been re-released this year.
OPI A Grape Affair

Next is probably the most popular of the collection, Coca-Cola Red! Talk about iconic! This is an amazing, quintessential bright red. It's actually opaque in 1 coat! The formula reminds me of one of my favorite polishes of all time in it's perfection, the original Sally Hansen Pacific Blue. I used two coats for consistency but you could definitely use just one if you wanted to. Another shade that is being re-released, 'natch.
OPI Coca-Cola Red

Get Cherried Away is a wine-y magenta crème inspired by Cherry Coke. It has nice coverage but it's on the thin side. Be careful to avoid any pooling in your cuticles because this one might stain (see the edge of my cuticle on my pointer?). Two coats here. This is also being re-released this year.
OPI Get Cherried Away

Here is Green On The Runway, a metallic green to reddish brown duochrome. Sprite is the inspiration flavor here, and I think they did a good job with it! This one has a thin formula but I got it opaque on two coats. It is kinda brushstrokey though. This shade was not one of the repromotes for this year.
OPI Green On The Runway

My Signature Is "DC" is a classic silver foil. This is the shade they made for Diet Coke, which is my personal pick out of the Coca-Cola beverage line up. This might be the best silver foil I've ever used! Easy, perfect formula and opaque in one coat! You can get this one in the re-released collection this year.
OPI My Signature Is "DC"

Here is Orange You Fantastic!, a sheer yellowy orange jelly with orange, gold, yellow and red glitter inspired by Orange Fanta. I wasn't sure if this was a texture polish, but upon fully drying down it most definitely is. You can add a thick layer or two of top coat if you don't want the texture, but I left it off in this swatch. Easy to apply, two coats. This polish makes me think of Fall and Halloween and I love it! Not re-released this year.
OPI Orange You Fantastic!

Sorry I'm Fizzy Today is a smooth pink crème. I can't believe I haven't worn this until now, but it's really beautiful. This was made with Vanilla Coke in mind, which I kind of don't get. Just an ok formula, I used 3 coats here. The color is just different enough to actually be a unique shade for me, which is saying something considering all the pinks I have in my collection! It's got a touch of coral or maybe peach to it. This is one that you can pick up in the updated collection this year.
OPI Sorry I'm Fizzy Today

This guy is called Today I Accomplished Zero, inspired by Coke Zero. It's got a black jelly base with muted red metallic hex glitters. It goes on sheer at first, but builds up in three coats to be opaque. I was surprised at how smooth this is, not chunky at all. It doesn't dry very shiny, so I would still recommend a top coat. Not one of the re-released shades.
OPI Today I Accomplished Zero

Last is You're So Vain-illa, a pale yellowy beige crème for Vanilla Coke. This is a cool shade, much prettier on than I expected. Ok formula, I needed three coats to even it out but it was painless. This polish is available in this year's collection.
OPI You're So Vain-illa

OPI is found at places like Ulta, Sally Beauty Supply and professional salons for around $9.50 each. Did you pick up this collection last year? If not, are you picking any up this year? Stay tuned for the two new shades and we'll see you again soon!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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