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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Nail Polish I Wore In Real Life Vol. 5

Hey hey hey! I've got two more polishes that I've worn in real life recently to show you! And they are both pinky shades :D I don't know if you know, but I'm a pink kinda girl. It's the shade I have the most of and what I tend to reach for the most. Don't get me wrong, I fall hard for greens, grays, and blues, oh my! But pink is still my number one girl. And even though coral is considered by some to be more orange, I still count it as pink usually haha.

Essie Brides No Grooms came out in the Bridal collection this year, a set they release around Spring. I passed on all the others, but this one kept calling to me. I found it in my local Marshalls for a bargain. I swear everyone except me has had a good experience with this polish, they said it practically painted itself on. I must've gotten a bad bottle because I found the formula gummy and hard to even out. This is two coats, but it was a pain. Also, I had some staining on my nail beds and cuticles after I took it off, ugh. Still pretty though, so if I wear it again I'll double up on my base coat.
Essie Brides No Grooms

I feel a little bad showing this one to you because you can't buy it anymore. It's Glam Batch #5 from Glam Polish. The "Glam Batch" polishes are basically prototypes; they are one-off shades made in limited quantities, about 35-45 bottles, and they are numbered rather than named. These are a new type of thing they're doing over at Glam, kinda neat and exciting to see what they'll have. They are limited edition obvs, so this one is sold out, but I think there will be more Glam Batches soon, so keep your eyes on their facebook page for announcements. This one I feel was basically made for me, so I had to grab it. It's a salmony coral holographic crelly with gold and holographic microglitter. It's epic and amazing. Two easy coats with a thick top coat.
Glam Polish Glam Batch #5

You can buy Essie from stores like CVS and Ulta for around $8.50 per bottle. Glam Polish is sold on their website for around $11 per bottle. So what have you been wearing on your nails most recently?

❤ Kellie
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