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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ellagee Fire Made Flesh Collection Swatches & Review

Hey there cookie! Today I have a collection from Ellagee to show you, my first polishes from this indie brand. I saw them on my friend Jess's YouTube channel and I had to run to purchase them immediately, they're so gorgeous! It's the Fire Made Flesh collection of four shimmering polishes inspired by Game of Thrones' Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons. "For dragons are fire made flesh, and fire is power."

Mhysa is a smokey blue with a hint of teal full of shimmering blue/gold microflakies. I love this shade of blue, it's very flattering and perfect for fall. This had an easy formula, opaque in two coats and dries quickly.
Ellagee Mhysa

Zaldrizes is a pale goldy nude with shimmering gold microflakies. I found this a little thicker than the blue, but not overwhelmingly so. Also opaque in two coats. This is so radiant, it is like sprinkles of sunshine on a bare body climbing out of the ocean.
Ellagee Zaldrizes

Valad is a smokey olive to emerald shifting green with shimmering bronze microflakies. This one seemed more jelly-ish in consistency, the kind that can get gummy easily. I used thin coats and allowed more dry time in between layers for best results. Opaque in two coats. This is a great swampy halloween-y type shade, I love it!
Ellagee Valad

Dracarys is a blackened crimson to plum shifting red with shimmering red microflakies. I found this to be the easiest formula in the bunch, opaque in one coat but I did two here. Dries quite dull so I would suggest a glossy top coat to bring out the fabulous shimmer.
Ellagee Dracarys

I found that the brush for all of these was harder for me to use than others I'm used to. It's a wider, thicker one that is becoming increasingly used across multiple brands, but I found these in particular to be a little more stiff and inflexible, making it more difficult to angle around the curve of my cuticle, especially on my smaller pinky nail.

This collection can be purchased on the Ellagee website for $39.50 or you can purchase the colors separately for $11 per bottle. The first run of the collection featured little tarnished bronze talon rings that sit around the bottle handle, but they were out of stock when I bought mine. They are back, though available separately for $0.75 each.

What do you think of this shimmery quartet of dragon inspired polishes?? I want a dragon! And I look forward to trying more Ellagee polishes because these were great.

❤ Kellie
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