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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fortune Cookie Soap Zombie Survival Kit Soap Box Review

New Fortune Cookie Soap!!! I'm quite beyond obsessed with this company and I fear that I will have to start wearing soap as clothes because I spend all my money on their goodies that soon I will have no more money for clothes and stuff. Oh my.

Their latest release was a limited edition (sold out now, sorry!) Halloween version of their soap box called the Zombie Survival Kit! This box of mini sized samplers was a $20 pre-order and they sold out very quickly. BUT there will be a launch with full size products this Friday, September 25 at 6pm CST on their website! I thought I'd show you the products from the box I purchased to get you ready for the launch!

So the theme is obviously Zombie invasion/apocalypse survival items. There are eight products in the box. I didn't get a good photo of the description card this time, so I'll put their narrative for each product. The box was decorated with "bloody" handprints and caution tape. I'm sure my post office workers have a funny idea about me already, but this probably pushed them over the edge :)

Liquid Courage - Perfume Oil: Desperate times call for desperate measures...bottoms up! Puffy clouds of cotton candy dripping with sticky raspberries, pineapples and wild watermelon, all wrapped in the soft embrace of night blooming flowers. - Smells like yummy fruity candy, I love it. (This had drippy wax all down the bottle, I wish I would've taken the photos before I ripped it off to open it, it was so cool!)

Safe Zone - Fortune Cookie Soap: Nowhere is safe anymore, fences can only keep them out for so long. Remember when life was "normal"? No zombies to worry about. No running for your life. Ahh the good ol' days when you could wake up to a stack of mouth watering hotcakes, topped with berries and cream. Yeah, me too. - Warm and comforting pancake scent with berries, so yummy. The cookie is dusted with mica and pigment, which was a bit messy for my taste though. Guess it's good this thing is made of soap huh ;)

Blood Transfusion - Body Wash: With the horrors of death and decay all around, keep yourself clean and infection free with your own personal supply of blood transfusion body wash - if that's even possible. Rock candy and bloated berries, with a smear of sticky bubble gum. - This smells kinda like cough syrup at first, but when I used it in the shower, that candy scent really came to life! Fabulous packaging.

Zombie Repellent - Room Spray: It may not work - but it's worth a try! Rotten apple flesh & mulled fruits decomposing on spicy cinnamon sticks, dusted with brown sugar, muted with black vanilla bean and warm oak. - Fall in a bottle!! I love this!

Weapon Of Choice - OCD Hand Sanitizer: Now's your chance to battle both germs AND zombies at the same time. A splash of white wine distilled with rotting peaches, and decayed citrus. I love to eat peaches, but the scent isn't for me. This smells exactly like what they say it does.

Rule #47 - Whipped Cream: Rule #47 - Always stay moisturized. Grotesque green apple flesh, oozing with blackened caramel. - This is an almost musky caramel apple scent, not too sweet and deeper than I expected. Lovely!

Airborn - Steam Me Up Scotty!: We're all infected - there's no escaping it. Rich, dark coffee swirled with thick caramel and melted chocolate. - This is my favorite scent in the box, yum!

Wound Repair - Salve: Yeeeah...good luck with that. Lace-like films of cool, white ice, drizzled with melted chocolate. To Use: apply to wounds (or cracked, dry knuckles and elbows as needed). - Peppermint patty scented balm? Mmmm yes!

Be sure to read my other posts on Fortune Cookie Soap to get more info on the company! If you are planning on ordering from them for the first time, you can get $5 off a minimum order of $30 using my referral link: (I only get points if you use the link, not moola ツ)

As I mentioned, this collection will go on sale Friday, September 25 at 6pm CST on their website: I'm not sure, but I think only these products in these scents will be available to purchase in full sizes at that time. What do you think of these cool bath & body products? How do you feel about zombies?? If you're worried, maybe these products will help you survive when Z Day comes!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were purchased by me. Some of the links are affiliates.
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