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Saturday, September 26, 2015

SuperChic Lacquer Dreamology Collection Swatches & Review

Heeeeeyyy good lookin! Happy weekend :) Today I have the new SuperChic Lacquer Dreamology collection to show you! These are described as "power shades having fierce color depth with intense linear holographic effects" that are totally opaque in one coat!

They are highly saturated so there was a warning that they may cause staining, especially on porous nails. I used two coats of SuperChic Lacquer base coat Bring It On, formulated especially to prevent staining, and I didn't have any problems with these staining my nails. They still can stain your skin though, so be careful to pull straight down your nail with your remover soaked cotton ball when removing the polish to prevent this. These all had similar to basically identical formulas, and all truly were completely opaque in one coat!

Wake Me Up is a deep berry linear holographic.
SuperChic Lacquer Wake Me Up

Lucid Lala Land is an intense dreamy blue linear holographic.
SuperChic Lacquer Lucid Lala Land

R.E.M. is a black linear holographic. This was the only one that was a little different, it had a slightly thicker consistency.
SuperChic Lacquer R.E.M.

Realm of Erotica is a racy red linear holographic.
SuperChic Lacquer Realm of Erotica

40 Winks is an intense violet purple linear holographic.
SuperChic Lacquer 40 Winks

No Rest For the Wicked is a brilliant emerald green linear holographic.
SuperChic Lacquer No Rest For the Wicked

Also new to the SCL line up is Marvel-Star top coat. It's a "neon luminescent" UV reactive quick dry top coat. I already love their Marvel Liquid Macro quick dry top coat and this is a fun twist on that great product. It's smooth and thin and flows on to the nail nicely without flooding your cuticles. I wish I had a black light to test this out! I used this on all my swatches of these and it really made them pop, however I didn't realize until I finished my swatches that it gave a slight blue tint to a few of these colors, because I swatch in direct sunlight and there are UV rays in sunlight of course. The black, red and green all look slightly more blue toned than they do indoors with this top coat on.

You will be able to purchase these from the SuperChic Lacquer website and Etsy store on September 30th at 4pm PST for $10 each. What do you think of these sexy one coat wonders?? I am quite impressed with them! My favorite has to be Wake Me Up, I don't think I have an equal color in my collection. We'll talk to you again soon! I have some exciting things coming up :D

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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