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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Baroness X Nail Lacquer Ex Libris Collection Swatches & Review

Hi everyone! I have a post today from a new-to-me indie brand, Baroness X Nail Lacquer. I have heard tales of wonder and excellence for this unique brand before but haven't tried them until now. This is a four piece collection called Ex Libris and I received the mini sized 8ml bottles for review. I like their minis because they are tall instead of the short and squat ones you usually see, so they're easier to apply. Let's take a look!

Dulcinea is a violet jelly with red to green color shifting shimmer and large iridescent flakies. This one is quite sheer, and is a little thick, so let it dry between coats to avoid the gummy-ness that some jellies can get. I built it up in three coats but you can still see the nail line pretty significantly. I know some people will like that look, but if you don't, this would look killer layered over a purple crème or a more opaque jelly. I couldn't capture the green shift, but it's definitely there.
Baroness X Dulcinea

Quixotica is a blue-toned green jelly with gold to blue shifting shimmer, silver holographic micro-shards and green & blue metallic flakies. This had the same formula as Dulcinea but was a little less thick and doesn't have that "gummy" jelly quality at all. This is also three coats, still a bit transparent, so again you can layer it over a solid shade for a more opaque look. I love to see multichrome flakes being used in different ways and they are right at home in this jelly base. Amazing shimmer in this too, so hard to do it justice in a picture!
Baroness X Quixotica

Molino is a juicy berry red jelly with gold to blue shifting shimmer and a mix of rainbow multichrome metallic flakies. I had an easy time with this guy, smooth and effortless to apply. More full coverage than the first two, this is opaque in three coats so it can stand on its own. This would be so beautiful layered over a black though!
Baroness X Molino

Alhambra is a cobalt blue jelly with red to green shifting shimmer, mixed sizes of iridescent flakies and silver holographic micro-shards. This is so stellar and very pigmented! It is also more opaque than the first two shades, but I still used three coats. I would say this is the only one I wouldn't layer over another color though, there is just so much depth that comes through when it's built up, I love it.
Baroness X Alhambra

These will be available for purchase on November 4th on the Baroness X website and their Etsy store. The full size 15ml bottles will be $12.75 each. The full size set of four will be $46 and the mini 8ml set will be priced at $28. What do you think of these shades? Have you ever tried this brand before? I will have a review of their new cuticle moisturizer up soon, it's a matte formula dubbed the "swatcher's balm", so stay tuned for that!

❤ Kellie
Products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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