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Saturday, November 21, 2015

GlitterDaze Back To Rad Collection Part 1 Swatches & Review

Greetings cookies! I have a new collection from indie brand GlitterDaze to share today, it's called Back To Rad. This is a thirteen shade collection inspired by and named for the 90's era! I was born in 1986 so I spent my childhood in the 90's. All these names are taking me back to the good ol' days man! I've got six of the thirteen to show you today, the rest are coming soon!

Away Message is a cool toned heather purple crème. I never really got into using AIM for chatting, but I had always had a good away message anyway haha! This was lovely to apply, opaque in one coat but I used two.
GlitterDaze Away Message

Spice Up Your Life is a medium berry pink crème. I loved the Spice Girls when they first came out, and I love them still. (Remember their movie Spice World??) This was easy to apply with a nice shiny formula. This is two coats.
GlitterDaze Spice Up Your Life

Dip Baby Dip is a slightly lavender toned pink crème. Did you just start singing the Tootsie Roll song? It gets in my head whenever I read the name of this one haha. The formula on this was a bit thick, but it wasn't difficult to work with. Two coats.
GlitterDaze Dip Baby Dip

Grunge is a greyed out medium purple crème. The grunge scene was so huge in the 90's, Nirvana is still one of my favorite bands. And who doesn't love a good flannel? Lovely formula, this was opaque in two easy coats.
GlitterDaze Grunge

Mom Jeans is a fabulous azure blue crème. Way better than the high-waisted mom jeans of my childhood, this blue is a fashion DO. Easy to apply and opaque in one coat, but I used two.
GlitterDaze Mom Jeans

No Duh is a dark magenta crème. Duh is one of the words I can remember using the most as an adolescent so I love this one. Easy formula, opaque on one coat but deepens a shade with another layer.
GlitterDaze No Duh

These are available now on the GlitterDaze website. They are priced at $10 each. Are you a 90's kid like me? I love the inspiration behind this collection and was really happy with the formulas. Which is your favorite? I have to pick Mom Jeans! Stay tuned for part two of the collection!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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