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Sunday, November 1, 2015

China Glaze Halloween 2015 Ghouls' Night Out Collection Swatches & Review

Ghouls' Night Out is the name of the China Glaze Halloween collection for this year. I had wanted to show this to you, ya know, before Halloween...but it didn't work out that way haha! I was waiting for a while before I purchased it in case I got it from their PR, but it got closer and closer to the end of the month, so I figured I better pick it up or risk missing out on it altogether. I ended up buying these from an e-tailer and they just barely got to me so I didn't have time to swatch them before the big day. :( Oh well, let's look at them anyway!

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Lady and the Vamp is a neon orange jelly. I have a few polishes that are close to this, but I wanted to pick up the full collection. You never know what's going to knock your socks off after all. It had an ok formula, easy to apply and not too thick or thin, but I still had some streaking with two coats. I needed three to cover completely.
China Glaze Lady and the Vamp

Something's Brewing is a glitter topper in a clear base, it has different sizes of matte hex glitters in black and honeydew green. I layered one coat over Lady and the Vamp. This has excellent glitter pay off and while I had to do some manipulation to get the glitters where I wanted them, it wasn't difficult at all. I also like that it wasn't base heavy, so it wasn't thick on the nail when it dried.
China Glaze Something's Brewing

Drink Up Witches is a neon green jelly. Again, I have similar polishes to this, but I love the name so much that I had to get this one too. It has the same formula as the orange, but I used thicker coats on this so I got it opaque in two coats. You may need three depending on your application style, because there was still a hint of streaking.
China Glaze Drink Up Witches

Cackle If You Want To is a glitter topper like Something's Brewing, except it's in an indigo purple. The purple glitters are striped, not sure if that was intentional or not (as I've had this happen with indie glitters before and it wasn't intentional haha). Either way I like the effect because it makes them look like striped witch stockings! One coat over Drink Up Witches, same great formula as the other glitter.
China Glaze Cackle If You Want To

Looking Bootiful is a bright purple jelly. Another non-unique color, and I kinda wish I hadn't gotten this one. It was very sheer and runny. I put on three coats and you can still kind of see through it, but I didn't want to do four coats. Boo!
China Glaze Looking Bootiful

Ghostess With the Mostess is a mix of the other glitter colors with the addition of pale orange hexes. I love these colors and how they've got a bleached look, unexpected! I layered one coat over Looking Bootiful. Excellent formula, very glitter dense. And unique as hell!
China Glaze Ghostess With the Mostess

I am so glad I picked up the glitters in this collection, but if I had to do it again I would definitely pass on the solid colors. I can pick out a few dupes from my own stash for each of them and their formulas leave a lot to be desired. You can probably still find these in Sally Beauty Supply stores and definitely still online. I bought mine on Did you get any of these polishes? How was your Halloween??

❤ Kellie
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