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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Potion Polish Dreaming of the Islands Collection [Partial] Swatches & Review

Hi friends! Today I have two shades to show you from indie brand Potion Polish's Summer collection, Dreaming of the Islands. They are similar, but not dupes. Nope. And I needed BOTH of them. I was graciously gifted these from the brand creator when she sent their Halloween collection for review. I have had a hole in my coral-loving heart for a while; I've been looking for a coral nail polish exactly like this with that unique neon and sparkle component to no avail. So I was ecstatic to see these beauties were alive and well, just waiting for me from Potion Polish! Did they live up to my expectations? Let's see!

Electric Bikini is described as a "vibrant red-leaning coral crelly with soft holo and a dusting of gold sparkle". This is the darker of the two corals, a little more neon, and it's slightly more red while the other is more orange. The formula is a little thick but that makes it nice and opaque. This is two easy coats.
Potion Polish Electric Bikini

Papaya Sunrise is a "peachy orange crelly with a blush-toned linear holo flash". This to me has the same lovely subtle holo sparkle, with a lighter color and less of a neon punch, but it's still there. The crelly formula is a little less thick on this one than Electric Bikini, but it was still nice and opaque in two coats.
Potion Polish Papaya Sunrise

So even though these colors are pretty similar, I love them both and am so glad to have them because I'm coral-crazy! These are on sale right now for $6 each on, along with the rest of the Summer collection. I might need to pick up the rest of them considering these two were so great! Have you checked out this brand yet? I just saw a sneak peek of their mid-fall collection on their Facebook page and it looks excellent! Talk to you again soon!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were received as a gift.
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