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Friday, December 4, 2015

Different Dimension Winter 2015 Babes In Toyland Collection Swatches & Review

Hey friends! I have the second winter/holiday collection from Different Dimension to show you today. This is an eleven shade collection called Babes in Toyland. There are some glitters, holographics, and shimmers in this bunch, and none of them disappoint! This is a great collection and I'm so happy to be able to share it with you!

Tom Piper is a soft yet bright money green holographic with gold undertones, gold flakies and shimmers. This had an effortless formula, very easy to apply. I was able to get full coverage on two coats. I am so in love with these holo + metallic flakie combos!
Different Dimension Tom Piper

Jack is a very delicate palest blue holographic crelly with darker blue shimmer bits. This was easy to apply and not streaky like I thought it might be. It was also pretty opaque for such a light color, I was surprised at the coverage. This is two coats.
Different Dimension Jack

Toyland is a full coverage glitter polish in bright angel gold with larger bits of holiday red and green. So sparkly and a great choice for the holiday season! As Different Dimension creator Missi says "perfect for Christmas without being over the top." I also only needed two coats for this guy. You may need a second layer of top coat to smooth this completely.
Different Dimension Toyland

Jill is a lavender purple holographic with added microglitters. This has a great formula, no issues. Opaque in two coats. This has a great fire quality to the holo.
Different Dimension Jill

Forest Of No Return is a brown holographic full coverage microglitter. This reminds me of bits of sandy earth, but crazy sparkly! Nice coverage with only two coats. Dries gritty so use an extra layer of top coat for smoothness.
Different Dimension Forest of No Return

Mary Contrary is made up of holographic hex glitters in peacock blue, deep indigo, muted chartreuse green, and deep magenta with holographic silver shard bits in a clear base. This is one coat of glitter over Jack. I didn't have any problems placing the glitter, you get a good amount out at once. (If you're interested, I always use this method to spread out chunky layering glitters.)
Different Dimension Mary Contrary

Mother Goose is a deep burgundy linear holographic. Pretty straightforward and really smooth. It was opaque in one coat, but I used two here.
Different Dimension Mother Goose

Barnaby is another one of the holographic shades with flakies, this time in a sunny bronze gold with silver flakies. Epic! I felt like Apollo the Sun God when I had this on! This is two easy coats.
Different Dimension Barnaby

Boy Blue has a white crelly base with silver and blue glitters in hexes, squares and stars. The base on this was a little thick and it didn't self-level very well. This is three coats. I wish the base was a little thinner so you could see the glitters pop a bit more. I might try layering one coat over an opaque white crème next time.
Different Dimension Boy Blue

Bo Peep is the third holographic with flakies in the collection, this time in a lovely pink/rose gold with gold undertones and silver flakes and a bit of shimmer. Also opaque in just two coats. I've already professed my love for rose gold to you, so you know I love this!
Different Dimension Bo Peep

Kiss Me At Midnight is a full coverage glitter polish in holographic silver with black multi sized hex pieces scattered throughout. Full coverage in two coats. This one really impressed me, I don't have anything like it and it really sparkles. This would be a great New Year's Eve polish! Another one that dries with a glittery texture, so you may need an extra layer of top coat.
Different Dimension Kiss Me At Midnight

This collection, and the Dream Team trio that I posted previously, will be released on Friday, Dec. 4th at 9 pm EST on the Different Dimension website. They will range in cost from $8.75 - $12, with Boy Blue specially priced at $5. There will be a discounted price for purchasing the entire collection. Also releasing are new cuticle oil scents, to include Very Merry Cranberry, Cinnamon Candies, White Chocolate, and Caramel Popcorn. I've never tried their oils, but those scents sound divine!

What do you think of these whimsical glitzy shades? My favorites are the metallic holos and Kiss Me At Midnight, but they are all great. This collection really delighted me! Tell me your thoughts in the comments and have an awesome day!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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